win 98 problem

  TRYER 20:37 08 Jan 2003
  TRYER 20:37 08 Jan 2003

hello, just had a phone call,a friend told me that when they start up their computer,and these are her words, it go's through all the writing an nat,and get's to the win 98 start picture,then go's all fuzzy!!? well, i said, it sound's like display drivers to me,but i would try and find out.Well guy's, i'm trying to find out {lol}
any ideas?.

  Rtus 20:41 08 Jan 2003

ask the friend to start in safe mode F8 as it says starting windows ...see if the display improves..

  Quiller. 20:44 08 Jan 2003

Get her to start in safe mode. Right click desktop and pick properties. Now get her to drop resolution and colour depth down to minimum. Also see if she can drop the refresh rate down.

Then reboot to normal mode. Fixed?

If not, restart in safe mode and delete graphics card from device manager and reboot.

If this don't work, you may be looking at a new graphics card or monitor.

  TRYER 20:45 08 Jan 2003

Rtus,do you mean press f8 on the key board as the puter is starting up?,what happens then?

  Quiller. 20:46 08 Jan 2003

Sorry Rtus, got disconnected as I typed. Two hour cutoff. God bless those at B.T.

Bleeding Troublemakers? lol

  TRYER 20:47 08 Jan 2003

thank's mate much appreciated

  Rtus 22:15 08 Jan 2003

no worries youve got it covered. im having lots of hassle now trying to get to the forum its not pca problem its a no answer type error with my ISP think you know who!... TRYER follow the above yes press f8 on boot up as it says loading windows..let it complete then if its not blurred/fuzzy then its drivers so follow bsod's post..

  Nellie2 22:35 08 Jan 2003

I had the same sort of problem a while back and was helped out by the forum members here. See click here It turned out to be wonky graphics card drivers that needed reloading!! Hope this helps.

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