win 98 lost cd drives

  gingepaul 15:54 31 Oct 2004

Hi there, this has got me stumped.

A freind asked me to reinstall win 98 on his pc ( pentium 2, 128 mb ram, so no chance of xp runnin well ) so I'm well into installing everything and had no errors during the windows installation, got it hooked up to my network and loaded most drivers and configured it all. But then after the last reboot both cd drives ( ones a writer ) are missing, gone.
Ive looked in device manager and there not there, but the bios can see em and they spin up when you insert a disk, just windows cant use em.

Sound familliar to anyone? any sughgestions would be apprectiated.

  buscrew 16:01 31 Oct 2004

Try this START/RUN type sysedit, go to the config.sys file and check for an entry that says LASTDRIVE=Z, if it's there, then this is not the problem, if not add it, save the file and reboot, and the drives should be there.

  Graham ® 16:07 31 Oct 2004

TweakUI tool come into this? click here

  gingepaul 16:17 31 Oct 2004

edited the config.sys file and no joy.

I'll try that tweek ui tool asap but dunno how, on the microsoft page it says to install from cd, but i cant see the cd drive, lol. i'll have to rip the tool of the disk on me xp machine, then copy it over.
It'll have to wait now because ive used the cat 5 cable for something else, ill grab some tommorrow and report back.

  gingepaul 16:20 31 Oct 2004

just tried to access it from a command prompt and no joy, so dont think the tweek ui tools gonna do it.

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