Win 98 installation

  pj1664 22:31 20 Mar 2006

I recently installe win 98 on my second hard drive but it keeps telling me file "" is missing when I try to install certain games. What is this file used for and how do I install this? Is there any way I could repair my instalation of win 98 without wipeing out and doing a clear installation. Win xp has an option that allows the repair function, can I do something similar with win 98?

  ACOLYTE 22:37 20 Mar 2006

If i remember right you can do a system file check win 98 and this repairs/replaces files but i havent used win98 for a long time i would be hard pressed to tell you how to do it lol.

  pj1664 22:41 20 Mar 2006

I have tried sfc but the option asks me extract the file from the installation disk but I dont even know what the file is for, leave alone trying to find it on the instalation disk. sfc repairs certain files but not the file.

  VoG II 22:41 20 Mar 2006

Start, Run, type


and click OK.

  VoG II 22:41 20 Mar 2006

Sorry, cross-posting.

  DieSse 22:42 20 Mar 2006

.cab files are *cabinet* files - kind of compressed file (like a zip file) used for software distribution.

.cab files are never required in operations, and would certainly not be a part of windows that was needed for installing.

It's much more likely the a cab file would be part (or all) of a game you were trying to install, and is somehow not being found - maybe the installation is looking in the wrong place for it?

Are the games you are trying to install from regular commercial CDs?

  PC Bilbo 22:50 20 Mar 2006

I suspect this is the "setup.exe" file either corrupted or missing in the games software rather than in Win98 itself.

  pj1664 22:54 20 Mar 2006

One of the prog was from last months issue of pc advisor, I was trying to install zone alarm for my recently installed win 98. Today I tried installing London race or something along those line and again its a genuine cd from a proper dealer, pc advisor given a dodgy zone alarm prog on its DVD's, I dont think so. There must be something we are missing here. Is there a way of repairing the 98 installation?

  DieSse 23:18 20 Mar 2006

Windows 98 does not need .cab files to operate. It runs perfectly ok with no cab files anywhere in it's installation.

Maybe it's because your Win98 is not on C drive, as normal, and it's misleading the installation software for some programs?

  DieSse 23:22 20 Mar 2006

When an installation reports that a certain file cannot be found, it's usually because the installation is looking in the wrong place. The full extent of the message sometimes gives a clue as to where it ought to be looking - so can you please give any supporting texts when the error occurs.

  pj1664 23:26 20 Mar 2006

Thanks for the info but win 98 is my C drive simply because its my son's computer and he has lots of games that are 98 compatable so I have actually made the 98 as my master drive, it just make it easier for him to load 98 as its the main drive he would frequently use.

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