Win 98 continually hanging/freezing

  Jamelous 06:54 24 Jan 2004

Win 98 SE continually freezes, doesn't matter what programmes i am using it has worked fine for the last month or so, but now fails "whenever", no particular time period.. sometimes lasts a few hours, or a few mins :(
Running a Soltek SL-75DRV5 KT333 M/B, AMD Duron 1100, 512/333 DDR ram,, have tried changing the ram to 256/333 DDR, and having the 2X RAM chips together, no change....
any thoughts would be greatfully appreciated, this is my 2nd computer, as my main computers m/b karked it under warranty, so no jokes about the 1100 duron!! :)
cheers Robert

  Quiller. 07:25 24 Jan 2004

Just a thought. Have tried dropping the speed of the ram down. Try it at either 133Mhz or the speed of the duron, 100Mhz.

This is quick and easy to do in the bios.

  PC Mad Boy. 08:42 24 Jan 2004

98se isnt too hot 512mb.Try 256mb again but do the above changes in conjunction.

  gold 47 13:45 24 Jan 2004

How old is computer? i would have though a computer running W98,it came with this OS then it shouldn't be running DDR it should be SDR and set to 133mz.
Forgive me if i have misread the thread.

  Quiller. 20:41 24 Jan 2004

Well it certainly isn't an old board click here and has the capability to run a very good x\p cpu and fast memory. This board would have no trouble running windows X\P.

Some prefer windows 98 to X\P and if you don't have, lets say, up to date peripherals then X\P can be a pain.

  gold 47 20:53 24 Jan 2004

Have you tried a full format and reinstall it might be worth resetting the bios to defaults
before reinstalling,no it isn't an old board thanks for the info, but why W98?? or are you like
me and prefer the older OS's.

  Gongoozler 20:56 24 Jan 2004

Hi Robert. Windows 98se should run fine with your spec computer, although as PC Mad Boy says, it is not very good at managing large amounts of memory, and shows very little improvement above 256M. click here
Problems that take a long time to show always make me suspect a heating problem. Have you checked your processor temperature, you can do this with AIDA32 click here. I also wonder if your power supply is powerful enough. For a Duron 1100 you need at least 300W.

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