Win 98 boot up problem

  Blix 15:40 25 Feb 2003

Friend has Win 98.....they tried cleaning up the comp now it wont boot up. All they get at boot up is "Invalid system disc. Replace the disk and then press any key".....can you help and is this a seriuos problem? Thanx.

  Terrahawk 15:57 25 Feb 2003

if you have removed critical windows files you will need a bootable windows 98 cd or recovery disk to repair the system

  bazza2 15:57 25 Feb 2003

Are you sure there isn't a floppy in the A:\ drive ? That would give this error message.


  sizzler 15:59 25 Feb 2003

only serious if you wiped your pc you need to check if the hard drive is recognised go into the bios press del key at post and check to see if the hard drive is installed if not re detect all drives and restart your computer if you still can't get into windows you may have to re install your software

  Diemmess 16:00 25 Feb 2003

"Cleaning-up" can be anything from a flick with a duster to a wipe of all data.

The error message comes when having told itself it is a computer and has a display, it looks for a boot track to give itself fundamental instructions from either HD, CD, or Floppy, and it can't find what it needs.

If the HD (with the operating system) has had too much deleted from it or is suddlenly NBG, you can still check with the Win 98 startup floppy in drive A: when you switch on.

That should bring you up as far as a DOS screen with the C:> prompt showing.

If you can get that far, post back for more help here.

  ©®@$ђ 16:04 25 Feb 2003

you could try booting with the 98 startup floppy and get to the A:\ prompt and type

sys c:

so it will look like

A:\sys c:

press enter

should see files transfered, now take the floppy out and reboot the machine see if it loads up

  Blix 19:03 25 Feb 2003

Thanx guys, will pass this on.

  Blix 01:59 27 Feb 2003

Latest installment......They eventually got it up and running. (I don't know how). But now every time they boot up this is what happens..... A device has been specified more than once in the SYSTEM.INI file -------------------
------------ which is being loaded by an MS-DOS device driver or application ----------------
Remove the duplicate entry from the file and restart Windows.

Dupl device: vcd
press key to continue
When you enter a key a window comes up which reads

Please insert the disk labelled Windows 98 CD Rom and then click OK
then - -- - -
the file 'cspman.dll' on W98 CD Rom cannot be found

Copy files from

tHEN: 'wfm0200.acy' cannot be found {HAVE TO CANCEL}
THEN Desktop comes up

Can anyone answer this problem? Thanx.

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