Win 95/98SE printer driver query

  romanab 21:14 26 Apr 2004

My sister is the proud owner of an umpteen year old Compaq deskpro 2000 running Win 98SE and has just been given a printer which she wishes to use with it.

The printer is a HP deskjet 690C which came with four installation floppy's,(is this right? as it seems an awful lot just for a printer),numbered 1-4 which say they are for Win 3.1 and 95.

My question is will these be any good for her or do I need to look for specific 98 drivers to download and put on a disc for her so that she can use the printer(I think I already know the answer, but what I think I know usually turns out to be wrong so I thought I'd ask just on the off chance).

She also wants to go online so I said I would fit an internal 56k modem for her but I am wondering wether any new modem will work with 98 or if I will need one with drivers specific to 98SE?

I have only ever used xp so anything earlier is totally alian to me and as such any advice will be gratefully recieved.

Many thanks R

  Valvegrid 21:25 26 Apr 2004

I run 98SE and I checked the list of drivers, 98SE will support that printer without having to install anything. Just go to Start, Settings then Printers click on Add Printer and follow the Wizard.

Most modems will work OK, just check on the side of the box, they all come with a driver disk as well, so I don't thing you'll have any problems, good luck.

  Mat2 21:25 26 Apr 2004

Hi romanab

You can get a win98se printer driver from here click here

All latest modems should be able to run on Win 98se and they should include a disk with the relevant drivers on.

I hope this helps


  Valvegrid 21:26 26 Apr 2004

thing should have read think :-)

  mammak 21:30 26 Apr 2004

Hi romanab' i cant see the driver being any problem at all 'there is an excellent site along the lines of "" but for the life of me i cant remmember the address' it is on my other pc
but cant get to it just now as the little one is bedded' as for the modem that should not be any problem' i will have a search for you and will get back.Regards Mammak

  romanab 21:31 26 Apr 2004

Cheers :@)

  Mat2 21:34 26 Apr 2004

was you thinking about

  romanab 21:37 26 Apr 2004

Sorry, posted before I saw your reply so cheers to you too :@))

  mammak 21:38 26 Apr 2004

Mat2 that's the one' great site
click here
click here

  mammak 21:40 26 Apr 2004

romanab no problem its usually me late posting lol' Regards Mammak.

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