From win 95 - win 98 all files wiped ???

  Pcloe 10:07 08 Feb 2003

Hello, if i wanted to upgrade from win95 to win98 would my files be still in place by the time it is installed ?

This is for my friend work computer so it is quite important that the files stay in tact. We have tried to run Win98 setup from cd rom but it says that an upgrade disk is needed (rare disk).

I was looking at another thread that said boot with cdrom support then install from there, good advice ??


  Forum Editor 10:23 08 Feb 2003

will be unaffected by the upgrade, but nevertheless it would be wise to back them up to some form of removeable media before you start.

You don't say which CD version you are using, but the Windows 98 installer should run OK from the CD. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by an upgrade disk being "rare". Do you have the full version of Windows 98?

  Pcloe 11:03 08 Feb 2003

yes its a full version.

  cream. 11:58 08 Feb 2003

When you say "We have tried to run Win98 setup from cd rom".

Do you mean from dos or from within windows when it is fully loaded?

To load from windows, let the machine boot to full desk top and insert the 98 disk, it should auto run. If it does not, right click the drive in my computer and pick open. Now just double click the setup exe.

If this does not work then you are going to have to load through dos.

To boot from the cd you will have to change the boot sequence in the bios.

To do this turn the computer on and keep pressing the delete button. This will take you to the cmos\bios page.

You now pick advanced cmos settings, and enter.

You first check that virus checker is switched off. This should be the first item on the page. You then scroll down to first boot and scroll it round to cdrom. You scroll through the changes by using the Pgup\ Pgdn buttons.

When you have these two settings press the esc. button to go back to the first page.

You now pick the save settings and exit option. Just type y and press enter. Your computer will now reboot.

As it reboots put the win98 cdrom in the drive.

You will now get an 3 options on the screen. Pick start computer with cdrom support.

It will now load to the flashing a:\ now type after this so it says. a:\ sys c: note the spaces. Then press enter.

It will then say system transfered and go back to flashing a:
Now what ever your cd drive used to be it will now be one higher as ram drive is installed. So if cd drive used to be d it will now be e and so forth.

At the flashing a:\ type the new cd drive letter e.g. a:\ e: and enter.

You can check if this is the right drive by typing dir after it. So you would have e:\ dir and enter.

This should bring the contents of the windows cd to the screen.

Now what you do is type e:\ win98\setup and enter. It should now auto load.

This is now very important. When it starts to load windows it will give you the option to save system files, you must save these.

Hope this helps.

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