Win 95 has lost some vital file

  Diemmess 18:10 16 Apr 2009

I have just had a phone call from an elderly acquaintance who has just pressed the wrong button on a venerable computer.

She is widow of a professional musician and composer.
Her question was "had I a copy of windows 95?"

Answer Yes (I nearly threw it away)

Had some confused story about error messages, and cautioned her to avoid setup because it would likely cear everythin from the HD.
She says she has backups of the work on there but is unsure about the applications.

The latest message seems to be Z:VVINESD.386 but she did mention at one time SYS.INI

All sorts of things come to mind, but I don't want to do anything irreversible.

1) Does W95 respond to scanreg /restore ?

2) Is there a repair process rather than an overwriting installation available?

She with a son who lives and works at the same profession but miles away have at least one more up to date computer which is used for business and internet things.

3) Any help at all would be appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 16 Apr 2009

1.Not install but can install it for future use.
Use the tools scanreg and scanreg/restore from 98 in Windows 95
The automatic registry backup and restore tool set from Win98 will work in 95.
click here an install file that will install Scanreg on your Windows 95 computer. It will start working the next time you start your machine. Just click Download, save it to your desktop and double click Scanregsetup.exe to run the install.
click here will open a text page of instructions that you can copy and paste to a Notepad file so you can save it to your C: drive and read it in DOS if need be. Instructions on reading files with the DOS Edit command are click here

2. Repair or reinstall Windows without losing your software and files
Windows has crashed or refuses to load and the only thing you get is a DOS or command prompt. If the appropriate files are in the Windows directory, the following DOS commands will start the repair or install process and keep your applications and files intact. At the command prompt C:\> type: cd:\windows\options\cabs and press enter.
Then type: setup and press enter. Windows "should" start to reinstall.

( Note: cd:\ is a change directory switch, it has nothing to do with a CD-ROM )

Warning: Do NOT use Oemsetup.exe as it will reformat the drive and erase the files.

  woodchip 23:42 16 Apr 2009

You can load Win95 over itself, using a Floppy boot disc from click here
Download the tenth file from the top the Win98se oem one put a disc in the computer and double click the downloaded file, this creates the boot disc.. Start Computer With Floppy disc and 95 CD in drives after the floppy loads CD drivers it will go back to the A:\> prompt you the need to change to the CD drive. Drive letter will have changed up by one letter. if it D:\ it will be E:\ then type setup press enyer key

  Diemmess 11:04 17 Apr 2009

I visited the lady this morning and discovered that she can boot in safe mode.

Also that the hardware is

1)Much younger than most of the software
2)Stuffed with DOS applications of long ago
3)Hard wired to other computer/s in the building
4)Device manager shows a yellow triangle and an "unknown device."
5)Scanreg restore was tried but as expected returned Bad Command
6)The computer appears to be disconnected from its network.

So I put discretion first and explained that this was a time to ask for expert help (her elder son lives miles away but this is his line of work.)

I don't think I am capable of using safe mode to find answers.
Any instant answers occuring to anyone?

  woodchip 18:21 17 Apr 2009

Check the Autoexec.bat file. copy paste contents hear

  woodchip 18:23 17 Apr 2009

Open the File in Windows Notepad to read and copy

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