Win 95 games under XP

  iqs 12:43 04 Mar 2009


Just bought the rather old Daytona for the PC,release date 95-96.

I have tried to install under XP,it fails,also with the compatibility mode,yet again it fails.

A message appears stating SPP.EXE failed.I believe this the SEGA game installer.

Can anyone help please.

  MAJ 13:14 04 Mar 2009

SPP.EXE is also logged as a malware file added by Spyware Preventer, a rogue antispyware program. Try a scan with Mbam click here (it's free), make sure your system is clean.

  T0SH 13:30 04 Mar 2009

PC Games from that era were often DOS type which you may be able to use by creating a Floppy disk to boot the PC with real mode CD Rom drivers the instructions for doing this can often be found on a read me text file in a folder on the game CD

As I remember one of the problems of doing this involved a requirement to include on the floppy a utility which resulted in the CPU being run at a slower speed to stay compatible with the games requirements

I am sure Google will come up with forums where detailed help will still be available

Cheers HC

  Jim_F 14:47 04 Mar 2009

Dosbox should help: click here

  iqs 16:10 04 Mar 2009


Ran various scans,nothing was detected,thanks again.

Hi TOSH and Jim_F,will follow your advice and see what happens,thank you both.

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