Win 95 - error on C Drive

  lucky1 20:22 26 Nov 2004

My neighbour has recently been given an old Packhard Bell 200mhz PC. I was round today setting up the printer which came with it, and fitting a new ink cartridge. I was showing him how to print documents (he'll be mainly using it for this purpose) when the PC 'froze'. Was unable to move the mouse and the keyboard was 'dead'. A message 'error on C Drive' came up on the screen. As most will know on this forum I'm a total non-techie idiot. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong would appreciated in an effort to resume good neighbourly relations!

  Gongoozler 20:30 26 Nov 2004

Hi lucky1. When you reboot the computer, how far does it get before you get an error?

  lucky1 20:47 26 Nov 2004

Thanks for your prompt reply. Had one go at rebooting and it went into Scandisk mode. Seemed to 'fix' several errors. The Windows 95 screen then showed briefly but disappeared leaving the cursor flashing at the top left of the screen. There then followed a series of clicking noises (don't laugh) but nothing further happened. The machine hadn't been used for several years.

  gold 47 23:01 26 Nov 2004

What kind of printer?? there are very few that would work with W95.

  gold 47 23:05 26 Nov 2004

Sorry should have asked can you boot into safe mode.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:51 26 Nov 2004

If you can boot up to desktop, run disk defragmenter on the C: drive and run scan disk to thoroughly check the C: drive and automatically fix errors....TT

  lucky1 19:45 27 Nov 2004

Many thanks for your replies, and apologies for not replying sooner. Can you advise how I boot into safe mode ? Unfortunately the neighbour concerned has been away all day and I can't remember the make/model of his printer. I do know that it 'came with the PC' when originally purchased. We were in the middle of viewing/printing documents when it 'froze'.

  lucky1 19:47 27 Nov 2004

........further he does have a Win95 boot disk, should I give this a try? If so, when do I insert same? Many thanks again.

  QuickHare 20:02 27 Nov 2004

The boot disk is unnecessary at this time. However, keep tabs on it as you might need it. It loads the computer as far as the black screen with grey writing (MS-DOS) but no further.

Safe Mode is activated by simply pressing F5 when it says "Starting Windows 95..." (just before the full-screen picture of the Windows symbol appears).

I can assure you though that this was not caused by you. The computer seems old, and the hard drive just seems a bit in need of repair. If I were you, I might suggest a new computer, but don't push it yet. There may be some life in the old dog yet.

The reason for Safe Mode being suggested is that Windows opens and closes many files while it starts up. Safe Mode loads the computer up using the minimal stuff, using as little of the files as possible. If your hard drive (Drive C:) has a problem, reading damaged files may worsen the effect. Safe Mode helps this by reading the smallest number of files possible, and thus allowing you to repair the computer without fear of a crash. However, Safe Mode is not designed to be used by default. Safe Mode should only be used for diagnostics (finding errors) and correcting them, not for using the computer normally!


lucky1 has Windows 95A or B, as this was the first Windows 95 to load ScanDisk after a failed bootup/shutdown. This may come in handy for some users.

  QuickHare 20:05 27 Nov 2004

If the printer was supplied with the computer, the chances are it will work with it, unless it was brought from cowboys or something. However, any printer brought in the last 2yrs or so will not be designed for Windows 95, 95A or 95B. They may still work, but if anything goes wrong, you're on your own as far as manufacturers are concerned.

  woodchip 20:09 27 Nov 2004

Tell him to put the Win boot disc in and let load to A:\> then type SYS C: press enter and try it. if the computer does not start you need to put the Win95 CD in and run setup so it loads over it's self

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