Win 7 and XP wireless lan problems

  alsattic 15:53 11 Oct 2010

HI, I have PC running Win 7 (ultimate) and a notebook running XP (sp3). Have just installed a wireless lan and no problems both m/c's connecting to the internet.
However when it comes to sharing etc, I cannot see the other computer on the local network.
Have changed 7 to a workgroup rather than home, but still have problems.
Any ideas would be most welcome. Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:19 11 Oct 2010
  alsattic 11:22 12 Oct 2010

Thanks for the link to that advice. I checked all points but still having a problem.
The main thing is that both computers see and are connected to the "Residential Gateway" and can connect to the internet, but they do not see each other, hence unable to set up any share's.
Any ideas?

  robin_x 11:42 12 Oct 2010

Run Network Setup Wizard on the xp machine??

My network of two w7 and one xp machines is a bit hit and miss too.

Worked fine at first. I've buggered it up since.

See if you can at least get to the stage where they can see each other's public/shared folders.

Does the xp machine have an account login password?
None of my machines do. I think I have more permissions troubles. But it may be that.

Try LogMeIn or TeamViewer as a workaround for access until you sort it out?

click here

It's all good fun :-(

  alsattic 12:32 13 Oct 2010

Hi, Thanks for the ideas, but have no found the problem.
I tried pinging the m/c's and had no luck. I then disabled the firewall's and it then did.
Reinstated firewall on XP m/c, still working. Put Kaspersky back on & and stopped working again.
Disabled Kap firewall and put on Windows, now working.
As I've lost my book, does anybody know how to configure Kaspersky Internet security 2010 to enable a lan to work?
Thanks again

  alsattic 11:57 14 Oct 2010

Hi thanks for advice etc. Found my book in the end and set up Kaspersky Firewall and now all working ok.

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