Win 7, why so hard to sort Docs?

  TonyV 16:48 19 Mar 2011

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I have been trying to add a folder called My Documents to the silly system being used in Win7. It will not let me put such a folder and all its contents in the Documents part of the Library. It insists on putting it in the Public Documents. Where the hell is the logic in that?

How do I get My Documents to be a simple one click operation to get to it without it being a sub folder of Public Docs?



  bremner 17:13 19 Mar 2011

'Documents' already has a folder called My Documents.

All you need to do is open that and copy in all your files.

  rawprawn 17:14 19 Mar 2011

If this is what you mean, put it into Libraries, then it will open as you click on it.

  bremner 17:16 19 Mar 2011

You can then create a shortcut on your desktop to this folder. The path will be


  TonyV 17:54 19 Mar 2011

No it hasn't! The only My Documents folder I have there is one I tried to put in but ends up in Public Documents.

Every time I try and get it into Documents, I am asked to include a folder, which presumably means that all my individual folders will be included under Documents rather than being included in a single My Documents folder.

It does seem a strange way to run a battleship!!


  TonyV 19:51 19 Mar 2011

I have tried to "Include a Folder", and it is literally that, it will only allow you to include one folder. I have no idea where to go now. There is certainly no My Documents as a stand alone Folder under Documents. Every time I try to do anything, it goes directly to Public Documents. That being the only folder under Documents. If there is supposed to a My Documents under Documents as a stand alone folder, how do I get it?


  TonyV 21:00 19 Mar 2011

I think I have finally managed to get the independant My Documents Folder as a sub folder of Documents under Libraries. I tried various methods, like Highlighting the My Documents Folder in the User directory, then Going to Properties/Location then Restore Default. This struggled to complete. I then clicked on properties again and went to Include in Library/Documents and there it was divorced from the Public Docs.

What a route to go through. Hopefully it is now sorted, though I will leave this thread open for a while in case any one has anything to add.

Give me the ease of XP any time. It is almost impossible for Microsoft to satisfy everybody all the time, and should leave certain things with some lee way.



  bremner 21:50 19 Mar 2011

You clearly have a problem as accessing the My Documents folder on all 4 W7 machines in my house is one simple click.

  rdave13 22:13 19 Mar 2011

I'm puzzled here myself. No doubt my problem. In my Win 7 it has already got a 'my documents' folder. Found under start, my name.
Under start, documents or music or pictures these are all libraries, ie short cuts to parts of 'my documents' folder. Why you need a 'sub-folder' in the Documents library is puzzling.

  TonyV 23:46 19 Mar 2011

I think you have got your systems set using the method you stated earlier i.e."c:\Users\%username%\Documents". All I was trying to do was to get the My Documents linked in to the Documents. Which is the way it looks in the Step by Step Windows 7 book.

Maybe, somewhere along the line, the My Documents element was deleted, though I have to say I don't remember so doing and it certainly is not with in my Recycle bin, meaning it could not be restored.

I'm not sure I understand the intricacies of l24's link because the My Documents, as a link, was no where to be seen, but by trudging through the Internet managed to find a way of getting it in the stand alone position and not as a sub-folder of the Public Documents.

rdave13. The reason I was looking for it was in Windows Explorer, since when in an application, and I want to open another document I was continually going through the c/user/my name/documents/My documents/the application/the file. All I wanted was a simple route. What I have now, may not be the precise way that Microsoft set Win7 up, but at least it is now very near to it!!

Thanks fellas.

Will close it now.


  TonyV 23:57 19 Mar 2011

One final point, I have just done a check to see if by removing the My Documents link from Documents whether it would automatically pick up the location in "c:\Users\%username%\Documents". The short answer is it didn't.

So I will go back and do what I did last time and get my own My Documents added to Documents.


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