Win 7 Startup Partition

  bgrave 16:02 07 Apr 2012

Hello. I have just reinstalled Win 7 on my No2 PC; I have installed some of my applications and it all seems to be ok. Unfortunately I forgot to include a startup partition; is it such a big deal when I have a Win 7 disc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:10 07 Apr 2012

startup partition?

Please explain what you mean by a startup Patition.

  rdave13 16:44 07 Apr 2012

I believe that hidden partition is for startup repairs if you get any problems. Bear in mind it is hidden and only a very small so you might have it installed.

  rdave13 16:46 07 Apr 2012

Erratum, should be very small one...

  bgrave 17:16 07 Apr 2012

Hello Fruit Bat, Usually when you by a PC this start up (Emergency) partition is there because there is no disc; when doing the reinstall I missed the option, tommorow I will be starting up the PC, normally the partition is hidden but it can be seen when using the partitioning functions in Win 7.

  robin_x 17:59 07 Apr 2012

The System Partition is found on most Windows 7 systems. It can be eliminated during install if you really feel strongly about it. I would leave it.


It is not the same as a full, compressed Factory Recovery Partition provided by Manufacturers. That also contains all the free apps included with a new computer and will be say 12GB+

I assume you used a W7 Disc because you did not have an existing W7 Recovery Partition.

You can make your own extra partition on the main drive if you want (say 25GB+ uncompressed) and save a System Image to it.

Do this after all the W7 Updates and with AntiVirus, a handful of apps, screensaver, Desktop and settings as you like them.

Also a W7 Repair CD.

This also allows Images to be Restored and makes recovery easier and much quicker.

Note that System Images are normally made to an external drive, not the main drive. Then you are also protected in case your main drive fails.

Or with a clean install, and a mostly empty system, you can make a System Image to a set of 3 DVDs.

Or do all 3 methods for belt'n'braces.

Start Search Backup and Restore to make basic images and the Repair CD.

It is also a good idea to clone your W7 DVD to a 2nd DVD, in case of loss or damage.

  bgrave 22:19 09 Apr 2012

Hello all. Thank you all for your input on this subject; it now seems that I took the wrong decision and did not include the System partition option. However rather than go back an start again I have decided to go ahead with the installation and when I have everything I need on the C drive I will make a clone. Thanks again.

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