WIn 7 re-activation?

  Simsy 22:00 20 Nov 2009


I bought Win 7 recently, (Full retail, not OEM, at the special pre-order price). I didn't have a specific use for it at the time, but then decided to try it on my laptop. I liked it and eventually wiped Vista altogether from the laptop and freshly installed Win 7, and got everything running REALLY nicely. It was activated about a week ago.

Lo and behold couple of night ago a serious problem with the laptop. Bottom line is that it's a motherboard problem and a repair is not a realistic financial proposition...

So I'll be looking to replace the laptop. One of the models I'm considering comes with no OS.

Now becasue this is a retail version of Win7 I know I can install it on another machine, as long as it's only on one at a time.

Does anyone know how much of an issue it will be, to activate this copy of Win 7 on another computer?

I understand, (from threads regarding other folk reactivating XP in the past) that attempting to activate online will fail, and a number is presented for you to call and activate by phone. What I'm wondering is how much hassle is it IN PRACTICE. Do you speak to a real person? Do they give you a hard time? I'm wondering especially because of the short time involved between installations.

Thanks in anticipation,



  g0nvs 22:31 20 Nov 2009

No problem at all when I've phoned $S, in fact they were very helpfull. Quite painless.

  Simsy 03:42 21 Nov 2009



  crosstrainer 06:28 21 Nov 2009

Retail copy = any one machine for the life of the o/s.

OEM copy = dies with the machine :))

Reactivation no pronlem, so get a lappy without an O /S disc.

  morddwyd 07:24 21 Nov 2009

It's automatic, i.e. has a chat to MS and reactivates itself on reinstall.

  Simsy 10:14 21 Nov 2009

Yes , I'm aware of the rules... I was just wondering whether you get a hard time. How do they know it's not still on the Previous PC? They don't, so it's about trust.

I think I now know what I'm getting anyway. I'll probably keep the Win7 untill a ireplace the desktop... sometime early next year I think. If it lasts that long!




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