Win 7 Outlook 2003 steals emails from Exchange!

  ARB 15:43 07 Apr 2011

I am using Exchange 2003 and various XP computers all running Outlook 2003, all with the same Outlook profile so they can all see my exchange postbox and reply etc. Various of these computers are laptops.

Problem, new Pad running Win 7. Loaded Outlook 2003 and connected remotely to the Exchange. It picked up all the Inbox in my mailbox BUT THEN IT DELETED ALL THE PICKED UP MAIL.

IE it did not leave a copy of the mail on the server.

I have checked all the options in Outlook 2003 when using Exchange and there is no simple tick box to leave a copy of the mail on the server.

Any other ideas, please?

  Terry Brown 16:15 07 Apr 2011

on your computer, open search box and enter *.eml then enter.

If you email is still somewhere on you drive this will find it.

Can you contact you ISP with regards to recovering your email- after all they are susposed to keep a copy for x time for security reasons.


  ARB 16:20 07 Apr 2011

Both are sensible ideas. The email has not dissapeared as it is on my Pad. But I want to stop this from happening.

  mgmcc 17:05 08 Apr 2011

Downloading mail to your computer and deleting from the server is POP3 behaviour, although there is the option to leave messages on the server. With an Exchange server, the computer should synchronise with the server, so that the messages remain the same both locally and on the server. The mail can be accessed by multiple computers, but deleting a message in any computer will also delete it from the server.

Have you definitely got Outlook 2003 correctly configured for use with the Exchange server?

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