Win 2000 USB

  accston 15:33 18 Feb 2004

I have a Dell Optiplex GXPro running windows 2000 Professional. Unfortunately it wont recognise its USB ports. Having been into BIOS and enabling them, it tries to install them but says that the firmware does not have enough information to install properly. In device manager the USB ports are listed but there is no root hub listed. I have visited Dells site and obtained a BIOS update but cant figure out how to get to a MS DOS prompt outside of windows.
2 Questions then...1 how do you get to a MS DOS prompt outside of Windows 2000 and ...2 anyone know how to fix my USB ports???

  Diodorus Siculus 15:43 18 Feb 2004

how do you get to a MS DOS prompt outside of Windows 2000? - get a win98 boot disk and start the PC with it in the floppy drive. click here

Be careful flashing the BIOS though... not to be taken lightly.

  accston 15:57 18 Feb 2004

Thanks for that but it doesn't seem to work. It just ignores the disk and starts win 2000 anyway. Checked BIOS settings and it should check floppy first???

  Diodorus Siculus 16:23 18 Feb 2004

Are you saying that the BIOS is set to check the floppy first? If so, then are you sure that the floppy has been correctly formatted and the bootdiesk image installed on it?

  accston 16:28 18 Feb 2004

Yes thats exactly it. I have now downloaded the Win 98 2nd edt bootdisk and tried that with the same result.
If I try to install the USB support from a Win 95 disk (as this is in a separate file) do you think that this might correct the USB problem?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:27 18 Feb 2004

I think that perhaps you need to download another boot disk to your PC, run the exe file to expand it to the floppy, and then restart with the floppy in the drive.

When started, then try the BIOS flash.

I have no idea why the machine won't run with the bootable floppy, if it is set to boot first via the fdd.

  temp003 23:17 18 Feb 2004

I'm not sure why you need to flash the BIOS to make your USB work.

Dell's BIOS updates usually come in 3 forms: (1) update from Windows - no need to create any floppy (biggest download); (2) a package which you double click in Windows and you will be prompted to insert floppy and it will create a DOS-bootable floppy with the BIOS files on it; (3) the bare BIOS update files which you put on a DOS boot floppy.

I would try no.2. If that still doesn't work, try no.1. But please read the instructions very carefully.

  accston 10:17 19 Feb 2004

I'm trying the BIOS update because the troubleshooter in windows 2000 said after trying to install the USBs that it required a firmware update or an updated BIOS. On Dells site I found the BIOS update, but it is only in a version which must be loaded from a DOS prompt and not the one inside Win 2000. It just tells me that this is a protected environment and it can't load from there.

As for the Boot disk, I'll try another one today and let you know what happens. I'm also going to try to install the USB support from an old Win 95 CD. As far as I can see from the readme file it can't do any harm. We'll see!

Thanks to you both for trying to help.

  accston 12:28 19 Feb 2004

No Luck. Despite everything, I just can't get it to boot from floppy so can't update the BIOS.

WIN 95 USB support wouldn't install either because it knew that WIN 200 P was there.

To get around the problem, I have now installed a new PCI card with 4 USB2 ports. It installed properly and now works fine. I thought that this might even make the original 2 ports work but it didn't.

Problem solved, but if anyone has any ideas why the ports wouldn't work in the first place I would still be interested to know.

Thanks again for the help.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:44 19 Feb 2004

Could be that the two ports are not physically connected to the motherboard. I saw that on more than one occasion.

Otherwise, I don't know what might be the reason.

  the kopite 17:04 19 Feb 2004

If you file system was ntfs then a win 98 boot disk will not work the file system must be fat 32

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