Win 2000 Pro taskbar prob

  LAP 18:08 18 Dec 2003

A friend is using Win 2000 pro on a laptop. He has been messing about and now the taskbar is on the side of the screen. He's tried drag and drop, no good. I'm using win xp.

Any ideas please....

  VoG II 18:20 18 Dec 2003

Try right clicking on it and unlock the task bar. It should then drag and drop.

  MAJ 18:21 18 Dec 2003

Rick-click on the taskbar and untick the "Lock the Taskbar" option, then he should be able to drag it back to the bottom of the window.

  LAP 18:30 18 Dec 2003

Thanks Vog and MAJ I did suggest this to him. He states that when he right clicks on the taskbar he does not have 'Lock the Taskbar' displayed. Is this available on Win 2000? Or is it the case he just doesn't have a clue.

  MAJ 18:42 18 Dec 2003

I've never used 2000, LAP, and I don't want to doubt the guy's word, but I thought that option was on all Windows versions.

  LAP 18:52 18 Dec 2003

Thanks MAJ. I'll wait a while to see if anyone else can think of something, before I ring him back. ^bump^

  temp003 09:34 19 Dec 2003

There's no "Lock the Taskbar" option in versions before XP I think. At least not in w2k.

The way to move the taskbar is as what your friend has been trying to do, by dragging it (he must have succeeded before though). Otherwise I don't know what you can do.

Just check one thing. Ask him log on as Administrator, then click Start, Run, and type:


and press Enter.

Expand User Configuration > Administrative Templates. Then highlight "Start Menu and Taskbar" on the left.

To the right, scroll down until he sees an item called "Disable changes to Taskbar and Start Menu Settings". If the setting for that option is "enabled", double click it and change it to "not configured".

If that is not the problem, then I don't know how. Perhaps it will come back on its own.

  VoG II 11:26 19 Dec 2003

Sitting at a client's W2000 machine at the moment.

temp003 is right - there is no Lock option.

The only way I have found is to left click in the system tray (by the clock) and it will then drag to a new position.

  LAP 18:37 19 Dec 2003

I popped round to my friends today, who is 67 years young. I then did as you suggested, left clicked and moved the taskbar to the bottom. Easy you might think? I then watched him and because he did not continue to 'Hold' the Taskbar returned to the side. His fingers are not what they use to be!! Once this was explained to him he did it right from then on.

I took with me a copy of all your suggestions, which he read. He would like to say a big thank you to you all, as he only started computing about 2 months ago. Although only a little problem to your good-selves because he had got stuck it became a major one to him. Thank you..

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