Win 2000 - Is it ok to delete User sub-folder?

  Tj_El 18:22 26 Jan 2003


A friend recently upgraded from ME to 2000 and had all sorts of issues. Well most have been resolved. I have a question.
Is it possible to simply delete a users sub-folder from within explorer? This was the original log in name on the ME system but is no longer used on the 2000 system.

Will this cause any problems?

Your advice appreciated (both by friend & I).

Tj_El :-o)

  Tj_El 18:26 26 Jan 2003

..the sub-folder name (under Documents & Settings) does not show as a profile under 'System' or 'Users & passwords'....

  recap 18:47 26 Jan 2003

If this folder is no londer needed by W2K and was only relevant in Me, then move it to the recycle bin via the drag and drop method to the recycle bin Tj_El.

  recap 18:48 26 Jan 2003

sorry forgot to say, this method will allow you to restore the folder just in case it is needed.

  Tj_El 21:20 26 Jan 2003

thanks recap - I just wanted to make sure.



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