Win 2000 format to Win 98SE

  Baz48 13:37 13 Jan 2005

I have an old(ish) laptop running Windows 2000 Pro that I wish to format and install 98SE (because that's all I have).

Can I do this with a Win 98SE boot CD (no floppy drive)? Can I format from within Win2000 and then Install 98? How do I proceed?


  mattyc_92 14:32 13 Jan 2005

No you can't because the "partition" that windows is installed upon is in use... So the only way to format a drive is to either create another partition with anothe o/s installed (known as "multi-booting") and format from there or use a Win 2000/WinXP installation disk to format the drive (unless you have a floppy disk)... I could send you the Win98 "boot-disk" through e-mail in a ISO format so that you can "burn the image" to cd and boot from that!!! Send me an e-mail and I will send you the ISO file!!!

  Diemmess 14:36 13 Jan 2005

Why change at all? Unless the present OS is in a mess.

If you do make the change (which seems feasible the way you put it) run Belarc first to discover and make sure you have drivers for all onboard devices and any peripherals you may need.

Remember this is a one-way trip, so as already said - Don't unless there is no alternative!

  Diemmess 14:41 13 Jan 2005

I still suggest you should be very certain before you try to change your OS. It is a backward step and booting without a floppy is the first of many possible snags.

  mattyc_92 14:45 13 Jan 2005

if you use the ISO file I have created.... Then you can format the hard-disk and install Win98

***NOTE: You MUST have AT LEAST 2 cd drives, wheather it is a DVD drive or just a CD drive!!!****

  Baz48 20:29 13 Jan 2005

The laptop was acquired with office equipment at an auction of a defunkt company. It has references to names and some progs, like MS Office, try to connect to a lan in order to use.

I regularly format my PC running XP, so, as I don't have any Win2000 disks I would like to make a clean start with an OS that I can support. Purchasing another XP would cost twice what the laptop is worth.

I take your point regarding drivers and will try Belarc. With onboard graphics and sound I think the only thing I may have trouble with are the USB ports and the IEEE firewire port. Possibly also the LAN card but I can live without this.

Thanks for the boot disk offer but I already have a bootable CD for 98SE, (I think) made from an ISO image from

I suppose what I was really asking was, whatever the OS windows is running, can I just boot from the 98 boot disk to load FDisk in order to format to a single FAT 32 partition.

Sorry, could you explain why I need two CD drives?

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 20:39 13 Jan 2005

if you have a boot cd with fdisk on it you could then delete non dos partition create a new partition then format it to fat you can then install 98 on that

  mattyc_92 20:40 13 Jan 2005

You would need 2 drives if you have your win98 installation on one disk and the bootable image on the other!!! but I think that you have enough knowledge to know how to "merge" them together!!!

Yes you can format the system using the disk, but you have to "boot" from it so that your hard-disk isn't being used!!! and then follow the installation instructions to install win98...

  Baz48 21:17 13 Jan 2005

I'm afraid you are giving me far too much credit. My memory is not what it used to be and it is a fair while since I installed Win98 and then only from a floppy.

Apparently then I can't just boot from the CD, create a partition, format it and then replace the boot disk with the 98SE disk.

Life's not easy ,is it?

  mattyc_92 09:35 14 Jan 2005

Boot from the bootable disk and when the command prompt appears type in "Format c:"... If this doesn't work, then type in "Fdisk" and follow the on-screen instructions... Create a partition using Fdisk and then format into a FAT32 format and then type in "setup.exe" and press enter (twice)... This will load up A scan disk, then press right and enter to exit it and then the installation wizard will start... Folow the instructions and then you have suggessfully installed Win98

  Baz48 22:23 18 Jan 2005

Many thanks for the info.

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