Win 2000 fdisk

  Stevie34 07:23 15 Feb 2003

Can anyone tell me how to fdisk with win 2000?.... I used to have 98 and know how to fdisk that no problem, i now have 2000 and i see 2000 dont have dos the same as 98 does..... Can antone help?.

  y_not 07:29 15 Feb 2003

Like you I haven't found it!

I use a win98 boot disk, FDISK > FORMAT then use the win2k disc to install.

  Stevie34 08:03 15 Feb 2003

Thx ... i thought about doing that too........ guess it will need to be that way unless someone else has found it?...... Boy they hide it well or just forgot to put it

  jimv7 08:07 15 Feb 2003

With win 2000, change the bios order to boot from the cd rom.

2000, will format your drive for you as part of setting up.

  Stevie34 08:26 15 Feb 2003

So i dont have to go and fdisk it like win 98?....... just put in cd and do a set up and it will format it??.... is that right?

  Ronnie H 08:42 15 Feb 2003

I think I may have a virus problem and want to low-level format my HD.
1. Does anyone know if this will get rid of all viruses?
2. And also will Fdisk do a low level format?


  Stevie34 09:00 15 Feb 2003

Never heard of a low level format..... a format is a format as far as i know...... u will loose all u have on system if u format.

And can u please start ur own problem link next time......:)

  Ronnie H 09:12 15 Feb 2003

Sorry steve, thanks for your help.

  BBez 09:15 15 Feb 2003

goto the manufacturer of your hard disk's web site and look for a utility that will overwrite the drive with a hex pattern (zero's etc). This is probably only needed if you have a boot sector virus else a normal format should clear it...

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