Will XP SP3 save me a long update job?

  Pineman100 15:29 03 May 2008

I'm about to reformat and reinstall Windows XP SP1 from the Dell OS reinstallation CD. Obviously this will leave me with a very old version of XP.

Normally, having reinstalled, I would immediately download SP2 and then all the Microsoft updates that have come since. A flippin' long job!

Would I better simply to download SP3? Will it work on XP SP1 without SP2 being installed first, and bring the OS bang up-to-date?

And is SP3 now ready? A recent PCA newsletter suggested that there are still some last-minute problems with it.

  brundle 15:33 03 May 2008

Install SP3 straight onto your XP SP1.
The entire download is available on the MS website but they've delayed it via Auto Updates due to problems with "Microsoft Dynamics RMS" whatever that is; click here.
I've successfully slipstreamed it into an XP Pro CD for use on a virtual machine but I'm not going to install it for real for a while, until they release the `official` version at any rate

  Pineman100 15:43 03 May 2008

Yes - that was the news item I vaguely remembered.

Have you heard whether there's any forecast date when SP3 will be fully cleared for general use?

Mind you, as this is a friend's old, standby computer, and it doesn't run MS Dynamics RMS, maybe there's no harm in downloading SP3. If it's a disaster, I can just reformat and start again.

  brundle 15:54 03 May 2008

No idea on the date. I can't see it causing a major problem to install it either. The download from MS; click here

  Stuartli 18:16 03 May 2008

The RMS relates to Retail Management Software - I doubt whether any PCA members have it on their system...:-)

I replaced SP3 RC2 with the Final version when it became available a few days ago and the switchover was painless.

  Stuartli 18:17 03 May 2008

You will notice some minor changes. For instance, there's now a Tools tab from msconfig and, if you are looking for Security Center, that's where you'll find it.

  GaT7 19:16 03 May 2008

I slipstreamed SP3 into my XP Pro SP1 disk & with the resulting disk did a fresh install on a removable 2nd drive which I made bootable.

I sometimes boot off this 2nd drive & have experienced no system problems so far. G

  Stuartli 21:40 03 May 2008

Interesting. I don't recall that one at all...:-)

  Pineman100 13:58 04 May 2008

Can anyone please give me a URL direct to the download site for XP SP3? For some strange reason I can't find it. Is that because I'm not searching on the computer that needs the upgrade - I'm on a Vista computer?

  Graham. 14:20 04 May 2008
  Pineman100 14:23 04 May 2008

I should have thought of MG. I've been trying to search Microsoft's leviathan of a site.

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