Will XP reinstall indentify the extra memory?

  Stressed Mum 12:18 30 Nov 2009

When this PC was purchased Dell Inspiration 2350 it only had a small memory. My hubby then purchased from Dell some additional memory. Now, since I have just reinstalled the OS and had to download all the drivers too - what do I do to detect and install the extra memory that is slotted into the machine? I do not think that it has been detected as the memory being used shows 27.72GB with 8.39GB free - 30% Free Space. I have defragged and reduced the system restore to 2%. I do not think that the system has detected the extra memory - as it also hasn't detected some of the usb hubs and I can't them to function either. The USB's make a sound when you plug in a piece of hardware - but will not plug and play. Do I need to update some drivers for them too perhaps - I dunno??

  tullie 12:34 30 Nov 2009

You arent talking about memory,you dont mean hard drive space do you?If so it is a very small hard drive.Right click on The Computer/My Computer icon,then properties.This tells you the memory you have installed.

  Stressed Mum 12:43 30 Nov 2009

It shows 4 CPU 2.4 ghz
2.39 ghz 640 mb of ram

so - no I don't know - the hardrive does seem small - as I have no documents or photos or music on it yet - so something is adrift?? All I have installed is the OS and a few programs.

USB's - tried several hubs - the PC makes a dong sound to recognise a new piece of kit - but then tells me is may not work properly and does not show up on the My Computer at all.

  Stressed Mum 13:00 30 Nov 2009

Just unplugged the printer usb to use and that worked. Wanting to transfer documents over from external HD. Maybe the other usb's are just not going to function? Feel a bit frustrated now as the ones at the front of the tower are the ones we want to use all the time for plug and play, ipods, cameras, etc. Don't want to keep crawling around the back to unplug the printer. :( Think I may have a problem virus or something too - what is this: lxdvamon exe application error. Keep getting that on start up.

and.... back to memory - what should I do about that? Does it look right to the expert eye?

  Stressed Mum 13:12 30 Nov 2009

Can't I remove the other 'alongside' XP without having to redo this all over again. I've been at this for 2 days solid now :( Is there a way of detecting first if that is what I have done?

  Stressed Mum 13:13 30 Nov 2009

yep! have a lexmark printer - that was 3 threads issues ago for me - thought that one was sorted. How do I clear this error?

  tullie 13:20 30 Nov 2009

It will only take you an hour to format and reinstall,change your bios to boot from cd,insert cd then reboot.When the system asks you if you want to boot from the cd,press any key then follow instructions.You want to format the partition that windows is on,then reinstall to the same partition.

  Stressed Mum 13:42 30 Nov 2009

oh my gosh! Scary! I will have a look at the link you have given me. Confused though at the moment as I don't understand how reinstalling it 'again' will not add yet another 'alongside' copy of XP making it 3 in total... how does if clear out the old versions?

  Stressed Mum 14:08 30 Nov 2009

looking at the computer management - it shows 2 drives. a blank one and C. the blank one is FAT and healthy with 31MB capacity and 25MB free. C is NTFS healthy 27.92GB capacity and only 1.44 GB free. Reading through the info - it would appear that the small partition should be NTFS - and quite possibly C is holding too much - so perhaps XP is on there too many times? I think I will have to pluck up the courage to go through all this again. Only just got my drivers back on and Office working. :((

  Quiller. 14:18 30 Nov 2009

multiple versions of windows on the hard drive. Download this free ap click here to find out what is using the hard drive space.

Is your computer a branded machine. If so what is the make and model number. this may help in clearing the drive and putting a clean install on.

  Stressed Mum 15:13 30 Nov 2009

Make & model Dell Inpsiration 2350. Just about to download the the freebie to see what using the hard drive will post back in a mo

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