Will Windows 7 run on my old PC

  Allan RISC OS user 12:25 18 Oct 2009

My computer is a HP Pavilion t 580.UK with AMD Athlon 64, 3200+ (2GHz) processor, 1GB of DDR RAM, NVidia GeForce FX5500 with 256MB Video memory.

I have heard many conflicting views re the minimum specification required to run Windows 7 successfully.

Has anyone out there had any experience with the OS and does it run at a reasonable speed on a machine such as mine? (I know it would have been on the Beta Version). Or should I just go for a new PC with a multicore processor and 4MB of RAM.

I only use my PC at home and do not play games on it but I do watch videos from BBC iplayer and stream BBC news.
My present PC seems to have slowed over the last few months and the screen refreshes can at time be very slow, I run Virtual Acorn Risc PC Strong Arm and when I close it down, giving the system back about 83k the icons on the Windows PC screen can take up to 20 seconds to be redrawn! Virtual Acorn uses 82k of memory, total memory in use 819k, when Acorn running, which includes Thunderbird and Firefox, AVG and Zonealarm

Will the 32 bit version of the OS be able to utilise the multi-core processor in a new PC?

I do not wish to replace all my 32bit software and hardware.

  Strawballs 12:38 18 Oct 2009

It will run on that machine I have it running on an AMD Sempron 2300+ with same Graphics and Ram quite reasonably

  Strawballs 12:39 18 Oct 2009

Sorry missread card mine is FX5200 256meg

  Allan RISC OS user 17:25 18 Oct 2009

Thanks for your help, seems okay when I ran the Windows 7 upgrade adviser, but may still buy a new PC as it seems 4 GB may be better together with the multi-core processor!

My PC cannot be upgraded to 4GB.

  dth 18:44 18 Oct 2009

yes win 7 will work fine on your p/c

i had a similar spec p/c last year and upgraded from 1gb to 3gb of memory - could hardly notice any difference. save your money

  ambra4 19:58 18 Oct 2009

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 7

1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) Processor

1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

16 GB hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

DirectX 9 Graphics Card with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

At the moment I have a Dell Dimension 1000 Desktop with a 1 GHz Processor

1 GB RAM and a 60GB hard drive and running Windows 7 RC without any problems

Loaded with tons of Mp3 files over 50 programs and still have 28GB of hard drive space

  woodchip 20:08 18 Oct 2009

Why all the Power for a plain home computer use!

  woodchip 20:13 18 Oct 2009

I have several Computers this one is a HP Laptop with Centrino Single CPU 2.3hz no problems like yours using XP Home with 1Gb memory.

One I just upgraded from a Athlon 1600+ Palomino CPU to a 2500 Barton and no Problems Upgrade Cost me £5 for a Motherboard with the AMD Barton and Fan attached from a computer fair that is Dual Booted win98se and XP Home on another Drive 512mb Ram as 98se cannot use no more than 512mb

  Allan RISC OS user 10:23 19 Oct 2009

Hi Woodchip

What do you mean "why all the Power for a plain home computer use!"

Do you think I have got "over kill"?

It was recommended as one of the best at the time of purchase, May 2004. But now it seems to be slow at times.

But I think I will try Windows 7 on it.

  woodchip 10:28 19 Oct 2009

You are just wasting money to me as your computer should be faster than any of mine, and I do video editing

  Allan RISC OS user 11:08 19 Oct 2009

Thanks for your remarks, most helpful.

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