Will USB Adaptor give WiFi access from Cabled PC

  p.r.b 11:32 10 Oct 2012

Hi I have just been given a Sony PSP, my PC OS is Windows XP and has an ethernet cable connection ~ Virgin Media. I would like to connect the PSP to the internet but understand this can only be done with a WiFi connection which I don't have. I have seen wireless Internet USB adaptors on Amazon, would one of these give me the access I’m after, if so what are the things I should take into account. Cheers Paul

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:02 10 Oct 2012

If you have a wireless router then you can connect it to the internet regardless of how your PC isconnected.


  Woolwell 12:03 10 Oct 2012

You need a wireless router not a usb adaptor. With Virgin do you just have a modem or a router as well?

  p.r.b 12:34 10 Oct 2012

I don't have a Router and don't need one for my PC. I had to load some photos to a portable device which I now have but before I get the appropriate card I was looking into internet connectivity for the PSP. I understand it needs to be WiFi which I don't have and wondered if there was some device I could plug into one of the USB ports on the computer to give a WiFi output, I saw this on Amazon and wondered if it would somehow give me what I wanted and thought I'd check here before placing my order for the card. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wireless-Internet-Adaptor-Dongle-Windows/dp/B002LC25LC/ref=sr12?ie=UTF8&qid=1349867623&sr=8-2 If I'm barking up the wrong tree there is no problem I'll just carry on as I am !! thanks for taking the time to reply Paul

  Strawballs 12:45 10 Oct 2012

If you don't have a wireless router the you will need to get a cable router or get hold of Virgin for one of their super hubs (modem/router) then you can make the PC wireless and the PSP will connect using it's inbuilt wireless.

Or are you talking about a connection from the PC to PSP wirelessly (Ad Hoc) if so look here Ad Hoc

  Woolwell 13:25 10 Oct 2012

A dongle is to get wireless access for a pc. It will not be a relay for the PSP. Unless you get a router then you'll need to "just carry on as I am".

  p.r.b 14:12 10 Oct 2012

Hi Woolwell yup thats my conclusion too ~ as I don't need wireless for my normal computer work I think I'll leave everything as it is for now. I'm sure it was a pretty basic question so my thanks to all who replied.



  p.r.b 16:02 10 Oct 2012

I know I'm being thick but how do I give the green tick, I can't find any way of accessing it. When I last posted in 2011 I got a message saying if your query has been resolved etc etc but the layout seems different now, please accept this as confirmation that my query is resolved.

  p.r.b 16:07 10 Oct 2012

don't say anything ~ just seen it what a plonker !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  retep888™ 16:42 10 Oct 2012

Yes, you actually can.

click here for informations of how to set up ad hoc connection of a XP machine with ethernet broadband connection only & a wireless adapter installed in order to share file & internet with other PCs(in your case a PSP)

  p.r.b 10:52 12 Oct 2012

thanks for that, nice to know I'm not quite as daft as I thought I was !!!



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