Will a USB 2 scanner work on a USB 1.1 PC?

  Andybear 17:53 07 Jan 2004

I'm interested in buying a Canon LiDE 20 scanner. However, it has a USB 2 interface while the computer I want it for has a USB 1.1. Will it work? Thanks.

  bremner 17:59 07 Jan 2004

Yes but only at USB1.1 speed

  Andybear 18:01 07 Jan 2004

Cheers Bremner, much appreciated.

  Djohn 18:01 07 Jan 2004

Yes it will. But the LiDE20 is only 1.1 anyway.

  Andybear 18:07 07 Jan 2004

On Amazon it says on the LiDE 20 blurb: "USB 2.0 Full Speed interface, for single cable connection for both power and data transfer" - have they got it wrong?

  Djohn 18:15 07 Jan 2004

Not quite. Canon have a different way of expressing their USB than the generally accepted way. The LiDe20 does have a USB2 interface, but works at a speed of USB1.1

Canon's definition is USB "full" speed = 1.1

USB "high" speed = 2.0

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