Will a stock dual core cooler be ok for quad core?

  Guybrush1 11:10 30 Jun 2008

Hi folks

I wonder if you can advise please? I have at the moment got a Dual core E4400 with stock heatsink and cooler and have just purchased a quad core Q6600 OEM. As it is OEM it comes without a heatsink or fan. Is the heatsink and fan that came with the E4400 the same as would be supplied with the retail version of the Q6600

My question is will the stock intel cooler be up to the job of cooling the quad core (I don't intend to overclock), if not what would you fine people recommend?

Thanks in anticipation


  Ditch999 11:56 30 Jun 2008

Both are based on the 65nm process
The 4400s TDP is 65W and the 6600s is listed as 95W
The thermal specification of the 4400 is 61.4C while the 6600 is 71C
So, all in all, as the Q6600 can go up to 71C I think the E4400 HSF should cope.
Just keep an eye on the temp when you first switch on the PC. The quickest way to do this is via the BIOS.

  citadel 19:10 30 Jun 2008

you can get a artic cooling freezer 7 pro for £15 this is easy to fit, cools the cpu better than the intel stock, also quieter.

  FatboySlim71 20:51 30 Jun 2008

I could be wrong but I have heard that fitting a non Intel cooler can invalidate the processor's warranty if anything was to go wrong with it?


I got the Q6600 SLACR G0 Stepping version in a recent PC I got built and its a FABULOUS processor, it makes light work of anything you throw at it.

I must admit to been a bit apprehensive from going from a 3 GHZ Intel processor on my old PC to a 2.4GHZ Q6600 processor, but I need not have been, basically the Q6600 can process/handle more data in the same time. Here's a link which explains this a bit more clearly.

click here

  Guybrush1 16:17 01 Jul 2008

Thanks very much for that guys.......the advice is much appreciated.

Gonna nip out after work tonight and hopefully invest in a decent cooler.

One more question.....my fsb for my current processor is 800mhz and of course the Q6600 is 1066. At the moment I have PC6400 800mhz. Do I leave all bios settings at 800mhz or should I change processor & fsb settings to 1066mhz or will it cause instability with the memory at 800mhz?



  Ditch999 15:44 02 Jul 2008

Leave the FSB setting on auto, it should adjust itself to 1066 (providing your BIOS recognises the CPU correctly) The memory should also be on auto or set to 800.

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