will software still work ok

  adamagain 22:54 06 Jun 2005

I have some software that came with a printer, paint shop pro.
But its for an old printer im not using now.

So is it ok to load the drivers and utilities also on the disc, it wont let me load the paint shop pro until I do this.

just that im using a Lexmark printer now and I didn’t want it to conflict etc.

  De Marcus 22:57 06 Jun 2005

You could always try doing what it asks and uninstalling the printer software afterwards, whether paint shop pro recognises this????

  Forum Editor 22:58 06 Jun 2005

Are you sure about that?

Rather than letting the CD autorun, open it in its own window, so you can see the contents. You'll probably be able to find a folder for PSP, and inside you'll find a 'setup' icon. Click on it, and the installer should start to run.

Try it and see.

  ton 22:59 06 Jun 2005

You can have several printers installed, but only one will be the default.

Installing another will usually set itself as default but you can easily change it back to the printer you are using.

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