Will this P.C. support a Dial up Connexction?

  Chrisann 13:26 25 Oct 2006

I have the folliwng P.C. HP Pavilion Slimline s7510.u.k. p.c. Windows XP Home Edition purchased 3 weeks ago.

I am at the moment trying to get onto Broadband with Orange but no luck so far. I want to transfer the Dial up settings from this computer my old computer to this new one..so I can at least get on the internet with it. I have been told at P.C. world that it will not support a Dial up connection at all. Surely this can't be rightcan it? The communication it supports is 10/100BT network interface. Wireless LAN 802 11 b/g.

Can anyone help me at all. I will give any more info required.... If it can what cable do I need...



  recap 13:29 25 Oct 2006

If the system has a modem V90/92 then you should be able to use dial-up.

  keef66 13:33 25 Oct 2006

If PC World are right, and they sometimes are, it sounds like it hasn't got the usual 56k dial-up modem built in. You can buy a pci modem for a tenner or less, but it means opening up the case to install it, and assumes you motherboard has a free pci slot.

  Chrisann 13:38 25 Oct 2006

I don't think it has then...if this is so will it best for me to wait for the Broadband to get to me...?

The other issue I have is with the software on the new P.C. It keeps asking to register it etc. Does it have a time limit at all..or is this o.k. when I eventurally get online.?.


  keef66 13:40 25 Oct 2006

According to the HP specs it does have a free PCI slot

  keef66 13:42 25 Oct 2006

I think with windows you have to activate it within 30 days, but you can also do that by phone. Registration is less crucial

  Chrisann 13:50 25 Oct 2006

Thanks for that...Would you know the phone number I nedd to call..at all.? The comp came with the Windows XP installed..but does that mean I still need to phone them if I can't get online soon.? Thanks.


  Stuartli 13:54 25 Oct 2006

According to the specifications:

click here

your system only has one PCI slot.

Only alternative for dialup is an USB external modem such as this Creative:

click here

Advertised on e-Bay for £6 plus delivery (it used to be £29.99 retail but broadband has clearly reduced its appeal).

  Ikelos 14:04 25 Oct 2006

you could take the modem out of the old PC for now..........

  Ikelos 14:08 25 Oct 2006

if you are anywhere near chislehurst i can lend you a modem for as long as you need it...

  keef66 14:11 25 Oct 2006

My pc came with Windows pre installed but I still had to activate it (and twice subsequently when I had to reinstall it) but I have always been able to do it online. I'll have a look around for the phone number.

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