Will Office 2003 work in Windows 10?

  Housten 17:26 15 Jul 2015

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen, Maybe I am being thick and stupid, but I have just read PCA's review of Windows 10. Much of my computer use is in Excel. I have Microsoft Office Professional 2003, and also use Word. Can anyone tell me if 2003 will work with Windows 10?

Any advice or information would be very helpful.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:45 15 Jul 2015

I use Office XP in windows 8, 10 is much different in basic contex from 8 so it should work fine.

  chub_tor 20:07 15 Jul 2015

You might want to read this Click Here which states that Office 2003 is not compatible with Win 10 but might run in Compatibility Mode

  Housten 16:38 17 Jul 2015

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen, Many apologies for not replying sooner, but I was certain I had ticked email replies, but have had no emails. Anyway both your replies are helpful. I will be 72 in September and as Windows 7 is being maintained to 2020 I will probably not bother with the upgrade. Recently I had thought of upgrading Office but then found out that you can not buy it, you just rent for a minimum of £5 per month. Doesn't sound a lot but work out how much you will spend over 5 or 6 years, never mind the fact that you will, I think obviously, will have to keep spending the £5, but how much will it rise to? Some one in their twenties is going to have to pay a horrendous amount just to be able to have access to their own files. I think that that is quite appalling. If I am wrong I would like to know where and how!!!

  Dylan_Hunt 05:37 27 Aug 2015

What are the security risks of using office 2003 and earlier versions with windows 10 given that Microsoft has stopped issuing updates for quite some time now?

  Housten 12:00 27 Aug 2015

Good Morning, Dylan_Hunt,

I have not got a clue, moreover I have never considered the security aspect. I hope someone will be able to answer this as I am using Widows 7 64Bit Home Premium with absolutely no problems. Well at least to my knowledge, unless someone knows to the contrary.................

  iscanut 13:13 27 Aug 2015

I have Office 2003 running ok on my Win 10 .

  bumpkin 13:24 27 Aug 2015

I have a sneaky hunch spam may soon arrive.

  iscanut 14:47 27 Aug 2015

bumpkin...why do you think that ?

  Jeff25 21:56 09 Nov 2015

How did you get office 2003 to install? I keep getting Error 1919. Error configuring ODBC data source" error messages. Did you find a work around for that? Thx

  iscanut 01:25 10 Nov 2015

I just ran the DVDs and installed Word and Excel as normal. No tweaks.

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