will not start with usb conected

  12bore 16:30 03 Jan 2007

I am running win 98 2 and if any thing is conected to usb conector will not boot up I have trie altering the boot up sequnce but until i disconect the usb will not start I also have a laptop running win xp is there any way i can conect the two together to transfer information

  john-232317 16:38 03 Jan 2007

Possibly not enough power to supply boot up and usb hub at the same time.

  Gongoozler 17:35 03 Jan 2007

You can connect the computers together to transfer files using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard click here, but if it's an occasional file you want to transfer, then using a USB flash memory stick is far easier, and if you want a more permanent communication then networking the two together, either wired or wireless would be better.
Regarding your boot problem, can you tell us what motherboard your Windows 98 computer uses?

  woodchip 18:16 03 Jan 2007

It's a BIOS problem. I used to have it. on 98se You have turn off disable one of the USB ap’s forgot which one you will have to Trial and Error it till you get it to boot.

PS it not keyboard or Mouse

  12bore 23:04 03 Jan 2007

I only have 1 usb port but i have a 4 port conection I have not a clue what motherboard i am using but the computer is a misubishi cx series

  woodchip 09:03 04 Jan 2007

The four port Hub may be the Problem, Try it with only using the Comp one

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