Will not start . PSU? MOBO?

  Quiet Life 15:11 06 Dec 2005

Hi I have a P111. MOBO FIC VB601-V. PSU Key Electronics PX-230W ATX.
On pushing the start button the red and green lights flash on the front and the PSU fan starts.
All this is for about 1 second and then nothing.
Holding the start button in does nothing further.
Any help into ascertaining the problem would be appreciated.

  Stuartli 15:38 06 Dec 2005

The first check to make is that the mains cable is properly inserted and providing power and then that the PSU cable to the motherboard is fitted correctly and firmly.

You also need to check the hard drive's cables' firmness and accuracy and equally that the CPU is secure and undamaged.

The Bios or chipset may be malfunctioning and this may require obtaining a new motherboard.

Another reason could be that the mobo may not be receiving a Power Good signal from the PSU (a wire on the mobo connecter used to indicate that it is safe to the system to begin a boot up).

If the Power Good signal is not received it's a similar effect to holding in the reset button and not releasing it. The reason could be that the PSU is not stabilising the power supply or a fault in the Power Good wire).

In that case a new PSU will be required and, if so, then you probably need something with a bit more oomph that 230 watts, especially if you have a good quality graphics card.

  woodchip 16:10 06 Dec 2005

Check the Main Motherboard Plugs for burning from PSU, if OK suspect PSU

  Quiet Life 21:45 06 Dec 2005

Thanks. Have swopped PSU with known good one but problem just the same. Any other suggestions welcome.

  woodchip 21:49 06 Dec 2005

If you do not get Beeps then my next bet is Motherboard gone

  Quiet Life 14:12 07 Dec 2005

The answer to my proplem turned out to be using the jumberswitch to clear the CIMOS.
Unfortunately this was my last play after removing all PCI cards and memory and adding one at a time in case the fault was there. A further step in the learning curve!!
Will post re this matter to see if anybody knows how the CIMOS was the answer.

  woodchip 14:28 07 Dec 2005

It reset BIOS defaults, check the FSB that the CPU is running at the correct speed after the above

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