will not boot up

  zebbydog 12:15 11 Nov 2010

win 7 64 bit.
desktop pc will not boot up go's to windows logo then freezes with black screen just showing mouse pointer.If i format and reload windows it is ok all day i can reboot as required but after turning off for the night the next day it will not boot and have to format again.
any ideas please. This is driving me mad.
Have put bios to default and no different.No new software or hardware added.

  Jwbjnwolf 13:11 11 Nov 2010

try safe mode or try start up repair

  Jollyjohn 13:57 11 Nov 2010

replace the motherboard battery.

  zebbydog 14:49 11 Nov 2010

i have just tried new battery no different.
i cannot enter safe mode will not work.
It will not open windows disc to repair it is a genuine disc

  Terry Brown 15:01 11 Nov 2010

I am not sure about the Windows 7 licencing system, but you are only allowed to re-install so many times. please check.

If this is a new machine, it could well be a fault and needs to be returned to the supplier, however as you have opened the case, it may no longer be under guarrantee.

If it is an older machine some of the components may not be able to cope with the increased load (32 bit to 64 bit & higher speeds)

Instead of turning off for the night, why not try using 'Hibernation' mode, to see if it makes a difference


  Diemmess 16:04 11 Nov 2010

Are we using the same terms?
You say-

1) "If i format and reload windows it is ok"

but you say later

2) "i cannot enter safe mode will not work."

Are you sure you meant in (1) format and reinstall?
If you do mean a full reinstall from the W7 disk, you must be totally fed up, and you can't even reach safe mode.

It may clear the matter for others who may also have the answer, but try and describe somehow exactly what you have done. The stalled blank black screen with cursor after the initial logo, implies obviously that Windows can't load.

Did you mean system restore instead of reinstall.
Maybe your DVD drive is faulty if you confirm the the computer cannot load from that drive.

  zebbydog 16:40 11 Nov 2010

Finally got it to boot from disc and done a system restore and working ok nowjust hope it works after it as been off for a day.
It is asus m/b p7p55d i5 650 and 9800gtx+ graphics 4gb ddr3 ram.
I did do a full reinstall last time to get it running.I did also try another dvd drive and no difference.But as stated is running ok for now and reboots ok will switch off tonight and see what happens tomorrow.
thanks for your help everyone much appreciated

  Jwbjnwolf 16:41 11 Nov 2010

'It will not open windows disc to repair it is a genuine disc'
have you tryed f12 or something like that continusly at the bios screen to open the advanced boot options and click on your dvd drive?

  zebbydog 21:27 11 Nov 2010

Have used restart a few times and no problem it restarts straight up but if i use shut down it will not reboot.
Please help if you have any ideas as it as got me beat.

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