Will New wireless affect my connection?

  DavidRW 16:28 15 Mar 2008

Well i know it sounds quite...obvious the answer but please let me explain, I am a 17 year old teen and my father works for a company that is associated with the internet company BT and because of this we get our connection for free...but what it is is when i try to connect any console to the internet i've always had problems, so i've researched and have learn't about the routers firewall.

Now when ever i type in my defualy gateway for my Draytek Vigor 2600g which was provided by my fathers company (which has a very very strange defualt gateway code, it doesn't begin with "192." or anything at all) the page won't load, in IE or firefox or Opera...the page just isn't reconised as the routers setup page. I'm guessing this is because the router was set up by the company that provides the internet for us. Now since i cannot access the settings I cannot change a thing.

I've asked my dad numerous times for a new wireles router but he says our login information is "stored" in that Draytek router and if we were to change it then the internet would not work.

I would like to know if this is actually true and if i were to buy a new wireless router would i be able to just go through the simple installation and have it up and running? or will the connection be affected.

thank you

  Tech Guy 18:31 15 Mar 2008

Proberly no, like your father said your username and password are in the router - just like sky.

You could ask him to phone the ISP and try and get your logon info.

To find out the routers IP address. Connect to the internet and goto your network settings and look for your default gateway.

The default gateway is the router IP address

Alternatively, try and reset the router to factory default (there usualy is a pinhole reset button somewhere on router) and try to login with the default address (, admin, Admin.

  DavidRW 19:59 17 Mar 2008

anyone else have any answers..I am really desperate to get a new router...and to the above comment...is there actually login information in the router or not..i also got told that if i get a new wireless router I will have to contact my ISP to get all the information, is this true?


  Forum Member2 13:08 18 Mar 2008

yes you have to contact your isp to get the information and depending what router you have the username and password in different

  Tech Guy 19:15 18 Mar 2008

There could be logon info in router.

Some isp don't flash thier routers, i.e. talktalk don't but sky do.

  irishrapter 19:47 18 Mar 2008

Your default gateway can be found by opening a command prompt (Start / Run type "cmd") and typing "ipconfig" in the command prompt.

Once you get your gateway address try entering it in a browser.

IF you do get into the router it should show your login name but the password will not be displayed.

  DavidRW 19:54 18 Mar 2008

I type in my defualt gatway and its not recognised as the routers pages...i foudn the isntallation disks for the routers...i will try them later but i need to get the password of my dad.

thanks for the help people

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