Will a new HardDrive work on my Motherboard?

  lloydsj 20:13 25 Jan 2003


Basically, ive got a Pentium II MMX 233, with a 2 gig HD at the second... and i need to get a new harddrive. Someone told me though that my motherboard or bios or whatever might not support hard drives of nowadays sizes... ie.. probably going to be 20 or 30 gig now, or more.

When i first boot my computer it says ive got an Award Modular Bios v4.51PG, and my mother board is listed as a P2BXA Ver 1.0.

Does anyone definetely know whether i can get a new harddrive for this? as i dont want to buy one and find it will not work.


  Elrond 20:19 25 Jan 2003

You'd probably need to upgrade the BIOS. It's best to go to the Motherboard manufacturer's website. Sorry I don't know who it is from your description

  Legolas 20:23 25 Jan 2003

It might be an asus

  lloydsj 20:35 25 Jan 2003

Can i find out what type of motherboard from looking in the Bios? or do i need to open up my computer?

I dont have any manuals for it... as i bought the motherboard second hand of a mate.

  Quiller. 21:24 25 Jan 2003

The board seems to be San Li\ Super Power??

It seems that it runs on a 66fsb so your choice of upgrade might be limited to 8.4 gig.

If you decided what make of hard drive you wanted, you could download a fix from the manufacturers web site to fool the bios to accept it.

Hope this helps you.

  DieSse 00:40 26 Jan 2003

It's entirely likely that your m/board will support up to 32Gb.

You best and easiest bet it to either get a 20Gb and try it - or get a 40Gb and try it. On most 40Gb you can set a jumper on the back of the drive to limit it ti 32Gb if you wish.

Otherwise there are 3 possibilities

Get the manufacturers program to get round the limit (Seagate = Disk Wizard, free and downloadable)

Get a plug-in disk controller which doesn't have this limit - another benefit of this is that it will run your new drive at a faster interface speed with a new, 80-wire cable.

Get a BIOS update - this is the trickiest, as any slip-up in the process and your M/board may stop working permanently - and in any case there may not be an update for older boards.

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