Will my system support a bigger HD?

  andyloran 00:10 25 Feb 2003

I am running W98se on a Pentium II with 192.0MB RAM. I have been told that I will need to buy all sorts of things totalling around £300 if I want a 40GB HD. Is this true? And if not what would I need to do?

  cream. 00:19 25 Feb 2003

No it is not true that you would have to spend that sort of money.

Do you want it for master or slave.

The best thing is to get the drive, set it up for slave and see if your bios recognizes it.

If it does not you can download a disk from the manufacturers web site that will fool the bios in to recognizing it.

Even if this does not work you could buy a pci controller card that would do the job.

  cream. 00:24 25 Feb 2003

Forgot to add, cost wise.

The download is free.

A pci card will cost about £25, but this would give you an extra 2x2 ide channels.

  andyloran 00:25 25 Feb 2003

I don't understand the master or slave. I thought I was going to replace my 6GB HD and that would be that.

  cream. 00:32 25 Feb 2003


You have two choices with a new hard drive. Keep your existing one in and use the new one for extra storage.

Install your new drive to boot windows from and either discard the old one or use IT as storage.

It was a reference to whether you wanted extra storage. i.e. slave.

Or to put your operating system on. i.e. master

  andyloran 00:39 25 Feb 2003

Which is the easier and what do you advise. What would be the largest HD I could feasibly install? I think 40 would be plenty as I have managed with 6 for a couple of years now but would like to copy from my analog video camera and put it all on disc. So I am told I will need plenty of space.

  Djohn 00:40 25 Feb 2003

andyloran, as the village idiot says, you do not need to spend that sort of money, My B-in-law has two x 20 gig hard drives on a P2 400.

If you can let us know which Motherboard you have and the BIOS if possible, then we can advise further.

  andyloran 00:45 25 Feb 2003

BIOS id:- 10/08/1998i440BX-ITE867-2A69KV31C-00

  Giggle n' Bits 00:53 25 Feb 2003

utility which will force/configure your HDD to recognise the HDD to its FULL potential.

I had same problem a while back and it was easy to use and worked.

  cream. 00:59 25 Feb 2003

I think your best choice would be to try the 40 gig as slave. Then boot up and see if it is recognized.

Why not keep your small hard drive as master and use a larger one for your analog video camera files.

If you want a card, then something like this would do.

click here

As you can see it needs a pentium 233 or higher.The specs say up to 137 gig.

All I can go on is the specifications laid out.

  Djohn 01:13 25 Feb 2003

Sorry, it took me a while to find your bios.

Do as the village idiot & DiamandX says and if you find that you do need an update to your BIOS you will find it here, about 20th. down the page. J. click here

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