will my monitor work with vista 64-bit?

  Phrixos 12:48 13 Feb 2007


I am on the verge of ordering a new system, with Windows Vista--64-bit. I know there is a problem with many peripherals not yet having 64-bit drivers, and I am prepared for that--with one exception.

SONY's SDM-P234 (23"; 1920x1200) monitor has just taken a price-dive, to about £359 (US$700). The trouble is, Sony no longer supports this monitor. (Indeed, it has just gone out of the monitor business, altogether--hence the price-dive.)

So. Can I expect Windows (64-bit) Vista's own software, or my 64-bit ATI Radeon graphics card, to drive this monitor--or will I have to opt for a different monitor altogether?


  Batch 13:34 13 Feb 2007

I'd have thought the question might be the other way round. I.e. "why wouldn't 64-bit Vista support this". As long as the signal required by the monitor is supported by the graphics card (1920 x 1200 seems a pretty standard resolution) I can't see there being a problem.

  Phrixos 14:22 13 Feb 2007

Ah! So that's how it works.


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