Will this m'board be ok for my case

  Pikachu 12:25 22 Apr 2003

I would like to order the following m'board A7N8X/DLX Skt A DDR400 NForce2 Audio/Lan/SATA/FW click here will this be compatible with my ATX 201 Coolermaster case click here. Thanks for all responses.

  xalemo 12:32 22 Apr 2003

Hey that's the board I want !!! and on dabs too!!! this post is too small for both of us.
joking, look at the form factor for both board and case, it would be either micro ATX, ATX... fpr this board I believe it is atx and so is the case, so you should be ok!
Would you go for DDr400? if yes where do you get it from?

  Pikachu 13:44 22 Apr 2003

Going to buy memory where I always buy them crucial click here they also have the DDR400 (PC3200) memory.

  xalemo 19:39 22 Apr 2003

Did you check the asus website for recommended memory...?

  Pikachu 11:01 23 Apr 2003

Nope :( . I checked it and nothing there.

  Gongoozler 11:15 23 Apr 2003

Hi Dark Cloud, the Coolermaster looks like a superb case, way out of my league so I can only drool. It is standard ATX configuration and so should be fine with your A7N8X motherboard. Don't forget that the case is without a PSU, so you will also need a good ATX supply. The wattage of the supply will depend on the processor you are going to use.
For memory you can do no better than to take the advice of Crucial.

  MartinT-B 12:42 23 Apr 2003

I have the A7N8X Deluxe too. Although DDR 400 works with it it's not officially supported by Asus or nVidia (nForce chipset) yet.

They'll probably release a new BIOS soon.

For more on this and other topics click here or click here

  Paranoid Android 13:08 23 Apr 2003

Bear in mind that this board has two (count them) memory controllers, so get two RAM sticks instead of only one and they each have their own controller. Very cool !


  Rayuk 18:31 23 Apr 2003

Crucial also reccommend their memory for this board and if it doesnt work there is no quibble in returning it.

  Pikachu 19:55 23 Apr 2003

Thanks all for responses I appreciate it. Now going to order my m'board :) Never knew I had to buy two memory sticks so thats news to me - appreciate that.

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