will it blow up

  freakinmano 04:13 05 Apr 2007

if i was to try putting in a new cpu with the same socket (AM2) and my motherboard wont have it what will happen? I have a compaq presario sr2020nx the motherboard is a asustek ,model naos,version 1.05,chip vendor nvidia corp,chipset model c51 pci express bridge,south bridge mcpd1 lpc bridge, cpu amd athlon 64 3500+, cpu socket am2, max cpu speed 3700mhz, i want to put a athlon 64X2 in but i cant find out what i can or cant put in. PLEASE HELP!!!

  mocha 07:32 05 Apr 2007

Check on the asustek web site, with your model number you should be able to find what your looking for.

  jack 08:25 05 Apr 2007

If you are very lucky - Nothing
If you are unlucky one or the other will kill!
64 CPUs and MoBo's that accept the same are designed together.
Putting one or the other together is probably not possible
For a start 64CPU are designed to operate from a separate 12v supply, and draw more current than 32 bit CPU's
So does the existing MoBO have a 2 part power input and does the existing PSU have the appropriate power and cabling ?

  keef66 12:08 05 Apr 2007

As far as I can tell from the Compaq support website, your mobo supports Athlon 64 and Sempron only.

The Asus website is ponderously slow, and useless for checking cpu support for these HP / Compaq boards.

I'm pretty confident it won't support a dual core cpu like an Athlon X2. If you drop one in and try to start it up I imagine you'll get some beeps, or nothing at all. As to whether you'll have damaged cpu, mobo or both, I have no idea.

  [email protected] 14:00 05 Apr 2007

mine was a compaq presario sr 1909,amd 64 3500+ same spec mobo as your all the follwing dropped straight in no adjustments, no messing and no probs
click here

  [email protected] 14:09 05 Apr 2007

sorry thought my spec was on that thread, cant find it, anyway, this is current spec:
amd 64 5200x2
2 gb 4200 ddr2
8800 gtx
hyper 520 watt psu
akasa evo 120 (just fits) but lowers temps from the stock hsf by 20 degrees, keep your eye on temps as the mobo was built with dual core in mind but the case cooling wasnt, if you use this cooler it sits about an inch from the exhaust so keep the whole system about 5 degrees cooler
hope this helps and sorry about previous link

  medicine hat 14:13 05 Apr 2007

Is this your board? click here

  [email protected] 14:18 05 Apr 2007
  keef66 14:49 05 Apr 2007

According to the first post Freakinmano has the NAOS board (and the Compaq website backs this up)which doesn't mention X2 support

  Gaz W 18:18 05 Apr 2007

One way of comparing is checking on click here - it gives the information on what motherboard is installed on each Compaq PC (although they may be given names by HP/Compaq) - if yours is the same as one with a better CPU, the chances are it should be OK.

  freakinmano 04:19 06 Apr 2007

thanx all and medicine hat that is my board and it looks like no X2 for me (poopy)

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