Will it all be OK? DELL Rebuild.

  Voiceoverman 23:37 22 Sep 2005


I bought a new DELL Dimension 9100 PC about three months ago and later installed some software which I subsequently decided I wasn't happy with. When I tried to uninstall (Add/Remove) it the problems began. Basically it won't do it! I've tried most tricks-in-the-book and have had an IT mate look at the problem. He was equally frustrated by the darn thing. He suggested a rebuild was the only way to rid the machine of the program completely. A pain as I've spent three months customising the system etc...However, I'd rather back everything up and start afresh knowing all's back to normal. A call then to DELL (today infact) prompted details on how to put the PC back to it's 'shipped' state and involves pressing the Ctrl+F11 keys when the click here (or .com) appears on bootup.
Questions: -

1) Has anyone ever done this and are there any problems I should expect? It appears the 'Ghost' info for this task is on a partitioned part of the drive - although we couldn't find it...probably hidden from prying eyes.

2) If you have done this, does EVERYTHING come back ie: even the pre-installed Anti-Virus?

Apologies for the long-winded post !!

  gudgulf 23:41 22 Sep 2005

Before taking the plunge it would be a good idea to post the software that is giving you problems and the steps you have already tried.

You never know someone here might be able to save you the trouble of recovering to factory settings.

  Voiceoverman 23:55 22 Sep 2005

Good idea....

The software is Pinnacle EDITION 5 video editing.

Have tried the following:-
1) ADD/REMOVE in the Control Panel
2) UNISTALL in the All-Programs list
3) DELETE by selecting the programme
4) RESTORE - went back to a restore point prior
to trying to remove/uninstall. Then tried
the above again.

NB: Haven't yet taken it back to a restore point
BEFORE the software was installed in the
first place. Seems obvious but not sure
what would happen - would it, in light of the
hassles I've been having, completely rid the
PC of the files?

  gudgulf 23:59 22 Sep 2005

Try the system restore..it should shift all the files.Do a search for the program once the system restore is complete........you can safely delete any leftovers.

Incidentally if this doesn't work you can reverse the restore,so you've nothing to lose by trying it.

  Voiceoverman 00:02 23 Sep 2005

Thanks - I'll give it a go and let you know. Appreciated.

  Voiceoverman 01:10 23 Sep 2005


Gudgulf thanks. I reset to a restore point before the installation of EDITION and all's well. There were some remaining folders and the ALL PROGRAMS still contained 'pointers' to the program so I manually deleted these and hey-presto! Let's hope that's the end of it and there are no repercussions! Just out of interest...how does the restore actually work? It must surely still retain all the files and data somewhere so how come it ain't building a huge stockpile of stuff that starts to soak up disc space (I assume it's heavily compressed or something?).

Thanks again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:01 23 Sep 2005

System restore keeps a number of copies of windows. There is a maximum amount that it can store, about 9Gb and when it reaches that it starts to delete the early copies. As most modern HDs are huge this mount of storage makes little difference.

Run Ccleaner from click here to clean out all the temp debris and use the 'issues' tab to clean your registry. This will get rid of all the junk.


  Voiceoverman 18:15 23 Sep 2005

Cheers, will do and thanks again.

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