Will an installation of XP wipe existing worm

  allanon 12:41 22 Jan 2009

I am updating an old computer which has the ME operating system. It has not really been used for quite a while. I have received the XP Home Edition operating system. I am just running avast ( which I have never used before- since it would run on a ME machine)and it has highlighted a worm although I failed to make a note of the same. Avast suggested moving this but it could not do so, it appears to reside in the restore files. I assume that I will have to shutdown the restore facility in order to get rid of this.The scan is still running with it being an old computer it only has a 1.8mhz chip and it is taking quite a while to scan the system. I will try and cleanse the infection, but I was wondering whether the installation of the XP operating system would , in effect get rid of the worm anyway?

  scotty 13:04 22 Jan 2009

As you have discovered, it is difficult to remove threats from the restore files. Disabling restore should clear the problem. Installing XP will also remove the threat. I think XP will format the disc to NTFS (ME used FAT32).

While you are doing this, why not install a linux OS too? You can create a dual boot system so that you can select the operating system you want. Linux tends to be less resource hungry than Windows so runs faster on lower spec machines.

  DieSse 13:11 22 Jan 2009

"I was wondering whether the installation of the XP operating system would , in effect get rid of the worm anyway?"

I'm pretty sure it would, as the new restore point for XP would be quite different to ME restore points.

However, a virus inside a restore folder can't affect you unless you do a restore - and will eventually get overwritten anyway, by new restore points.

OR as you say, disable Restore, delete the restore folder - then re-enable Restore. This would be a good idea anyway if you're installing XP.

If you're thinking about XP on an older system, you need also to check whether the system is up to it. A 1.8MHz CPU is fine - how much RAM have you got - XP really needs 512MB for reasonable running - 1GB is the "sweet spot" - more is overkill (for general use).

  DieSse 13:12 22 Jan 2009


Installing XP as an upgrade will not reformat the drive, nor will it automatically change the file system to NTFS. It should however preserve your software, data and settings.

  allanon 13:13 22 Jan 2009

Thanks for the advice. I know nothing about Linux unfortunately and note it is less deamnding but the computer is going to be used by my son so I think I'll stick with windows.
Thanks anyway

  allanon 13:16 22 Jan 2009

DieSse, you appear to have posted at the same time as my response to scotty. The machine is OK, 2 GB of RAM. I am not going down the upgrade route and I am installing XP from scratch.

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