Will i use 2gb limit

  Shutt1e 13:21 26 Jul 2006

I am with wandoo at the moment and i get unlimited usage but i am looking to move to bt due to faster speed and wireless hub, i was wondering if i would go over the 2gb allowance becuase i use my xbox 360 online amy laptop and my desktop

  Haol 13:25 26 Jul 2006

You probably will, I'm almost definite that you will actually.

  Shutt1e 13:31 26 Jul 2006

ok thx guess i wont be goin with them

  sean-278262 13:33 26 Jul 2006

Check with them some providers UTV where I live offer unlimited bandwidth for like 5quid so see what the fine print says about your limits.

  mattyc_92 15:13 26 Jul 2006

A 20GB (or even 10GB) should be alright for your needs

  Dell latitude 17:02 26 Jul 2006

i dont even see the point of even bothering with limited broadband just find another service that does not have a download limit.

  Pidder 18:29 26 Jul 2006

Have you checked Wanadoo's (Orange's) latest offers? Think includes a wireless router freebie.

  irishrapter 18:52 26 Jul 2006

Always check the ISP's Fair Use Policy.
There is a lot of ISP's out there that say they are unlimited but have a FUP.

I like to know how much I can download without waiting to hear from the ISP that I have broke their FUP.

  Mark10 18:56 26 Jul 2006

Slightly off the topic but how do they get away with advertising an "unlimited" deal when it obviously isnt? It makes me angry!!

  Shutt1e 19:23 26 Jul 2006

im on orange at the moment and what to upgrade to wireless router but i have to buy a pay monthly phone for £30 a mont h and dont want to

  Pidder 09:53 27 Jul 2006

Give them a call on 08700102462, imply you are considering switching to another ISP, they may make an offer to upgrade...don't say I told you..

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