Will I or Won't I re install SP2????

  bud58 16:37 08 Sep 2005

I have installed/uninstalled SP2 twice and all I get are problems problems and more problems. My PC runs better without it , why ??.
Desktop , XP Pro , P4 1.8 processor , 760 ddr ,
Norton 2005 , AVG ,Spybot and NTL anti virus systems installed. Compaq machine almost 3 yrs old.

  stylehurst 16:59 08 Sep 2005

One of the things that strikes me looking at your listing is that you appear to be running 3 anti virus programs. All the recommendations are that you only run ONE as running multiple AV programs leads to conflicts.
Apologies if I have mis-read your listing.
I would definitely install SP2

  mosfet 17:44 08 Sep 2005

My PC runs perfectly (sp1 only) so I have no intention of installing sp2.If I started a fresh install.. maybe.But do agree with stylehurst....Les

  Teaboy 18:01 08 Sep 2005

I agree with stylehurst

  User-312386 19:16 08 Sep 2005

you have to ditch 2 of the anti-virus programmes for start

Next carry out a checkdisc

Next a defrag

Next look in msconfig. to do that go to start>run and then type msconfig

Look under the startup tab and see what you don't want to run. Only the programmes that you know, you can untick

Now install SP2

SP1 is flawed and can let in virus and malware

  Jackcoms 20:40 08 Sep 2005

And don't forget to clean all the crap out of your PC with click here
before installing SP2.

And when you've installed SP2 don't forget to install all the post-SP2 critical updates which Bill's boys and girls have released.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 23:48 08 Sep 2005

yep i would go with the AV situation. 3 AV Suites the
security centre in sp2 is probably doing somersalts
as it monitors your AV and warns you if it is out of date

  bud58 08:00 09 Sep 2005

I'm on NTL Broadband..which AV should I keep..NTL's own or what ???

  Jackcoms 13:30 09 Sep 2005

Do you want to pay for your AV or do you want a freebie?

Norton you pay for.

AVG is free and regularly recommended in these Forums.

NTL - I don't use them, so don't know.

Now make your own mind up.

  stylehurst 13:59 09 Sep 2005

Norton has quite a payload which detracts from system performance; I would suggest you keep AVG. Can't comment on NTL but suspect it is Kapersky like Blueyonder

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