will I have to re-install xp after cpu upgrade?

  Ballie 21:24 07 Jan 2005

I am about to upgrade my cpu from a AMD xp 2100+ 133mhz to a AMD 3000+ Barton 166mhz, after the cpu change over will I have to reinstall Windows XP or will XP run ok and recognise the new Barton chip and run ok.

  freaky 21:30 07 Jan 2005

That is a very good question, and there are a number of 'grey areas' as far as Windows XP is concerned.

If the changes you make are recognised by XP, and it regards this as a new installation, then you will need to reinstall Windows.

  Totally-braindead 21:48 07 Jan 2005

I believe that it will accept it as you are only changing one part of hardware, however if there is a problem all you will have to do is either email or phone Microsoft. Haven't actually seen it myself but seemingly it comes up with a window informimg you that you have to contact Microsoft. So if this is the case then you will not have to reinstall windows.

  Chaz10 22:02 07 Jan 2005

I think you allowed 3-4 changes in 6 months (I could be wrong as I've not done it in ages)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:02 07 Jan 2005

A reinstall is unnecessary. However you my need to reactivate XP this usually happens if you change either CPU or HDD or Motherboard

  Dorsai 22:10 07 Jan 2005

If just a CPU, i doubt that any action will be required.

click here

for the 'official Msoft' view.

  Completealias 22:17 07 Jan 2005

As far as I remember xp hom will allow you up to 5 major hardware change before you need to reactivate xp pro as far as i'm aware does not have this limitation. I would think that a CPU upgrade would count towards this limit but providing you haven't gone over this limit I shouldn't think you'll need to reinstall

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