Will a flat screen monitor fit my 'old' computer?

  Zebrapec 23:14 24 Jan 2008

I am thinking of buying a 19 - 20" flat screen monitor, but not sure if it will fit/connect to my tower. The connection at the moment is by a large plug ( not sure how many pins, but there seems a lot).
Also, if it will connect, will it be digital or analogue?

  AlexPB 23:30 24 Jan 2008


Most monitors should connect to most PC's. Please specify just how old your PC is. Also the connection that you will need is a VGA cable port which looks like this

click here

on the back of your tower. most commonly coloured in blue.

  Woolwell 23:33 24 Jan 2008

Find out the native resolution of the screen that you intend to buy and then check that your graphics card is able to cope with this resolution. You may need to update your drivers.

  ambra4 23:36 24 Jan 2008

Need more information before we can advise

How old is the computer make and model

“Connection at the moment is by a large plug”

What colour is the large plug Blue Or White on the computer

Is the Large Plug on the motherboard or on a separate card?

“Will it be digital or analogue?”

It all depends on the Colour of the large plug on the computer and the LCD Monitor

Can your display card handle a 1440 X 900 Max Resolutions for a 19” LCD Monitor

1680 x 1050 Max Resolutions for a 22” LCD Monitor

  Migwell 23:38 24 Jan 2008

If it has a blue socket on the computer then it is analogue. If it has a white socket on the computer it is digital. Some computers have both as mine has and I can use either. This depends mainly on the graphics card installed. Some monitors will do one or the other or both again, as in my case my computer and also my monitor will do either which is ideal. I hope this is of help to you, if in doubt take the cable along with you when you go to buy your new monitor and the shop will advise you. I find that more and more LCD / TFT monitors are doing both these days so it should pose very little in the way of problems when choosing a new monitor.

  Zebrapec 23:54 24 Jan 2008

okay info I can get is:
Bios 2003
AMD athlon 1850 MHz
Max res 1280x1024 - 32 bit
Driver 80.0
Color bits 16

  Zebrapec 23:54 24 Jan 2008

oh, nearly forgot: plug color is BLUE

  Zebrapec 23:57 24 Jan 2008

Migwell, is there a big differance between the analogue screen compared to the digital ones. Which is better?

  ambra4 00:23 25 Jan 2008

Your computer can handle a normal 19” LCD display NOT A WIDESCREEN TYPE

To use a Widescreen display you will need to replace the build in display card to a AGP or PCI-e Card

  DieSse 01:45 25 Jan 2008

"is there a big differance between the analogue screen compared to the digital ones."

There is no difference at all. All screens work the same - it's just that some have analogue inputs, some digital and some both.

In any case you can only use the analogue input, as that's the only output you have on your computer. But for the future, the ideal is to get a monitor with both inputs, and just use the analogue one for now.

You say you graphics card resolution is max 1280x1024. That may not be correct - it may be set to only show the resolutions that your existing monitor can handle.

Look in the display settings under Settings - Advanced - Monitor. If there's a tick in the box "Hide etc etc" - take it out. Then go back to the Adapter tab, and click "List all modes". You should then see all the resolutions your display adapter can handle.

  DieSse 01:47 25 Jan 2008

Note - LCD monitors all run at 60Hz refresh rate.

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