Will extra ram benefit me. Newby

  Ghloria 10:02 30 Jan 2003

My system has 48mb ram. I don't use it for games, I use it to browse, newsgroups - jpg and mpeg, I may start mpeg editing. Will extra ram benefit me (max ram 256mb) and how.


  Gongoozler 10:10 30 Jan 2003

Ghloria, how much ram you can usefully add depends on your operating system and motherboard. Can you tell us what they are? I find that between 128M and 256M is ideal for Windows 98se. Up to 128M you will find that your computer responds much more quickly, over 128M the improvement will not be as dramatic. If you are going to edit mpeg files you will certainly need more memory than you have now. To handle these large files without extra memory, your computer will be constantly having access the hard drive to store and retrieve data. With extra ram this will not have to happen as often.

  Ghloria 10:19 30 Jan 2003

windows 98 5.5....I dont know the motherboard but 300mhz and dabs crucial memory tells me max ram = 256mb.

  Ghloria 10:19 30 Jan 2003

cash is a problem.

  Diemmess 10:34 30 Jan 2003

Real benefit from any extra RAM you put in......you are absolutely minimal at the moment.

Don't go over the top. I think you will be fitting SRAM which is yesterday's tech. and unlikely to be usable in a future box. I think another 64Mb or 128Mb if you can afford it, will be worthwhile particularly if you start handling large files

  €dstow 10:36 30 Jan 2003

As a rule of thumb, you only notice a real difference is performance if you at least double the RAM that is already installed. If you have 64meg then 128meg would be minimum. If you have 128, then 256. Adding say 32meg to an already installed 128, although making a difference in fact, there wouldn't be anything noticable to you and you would think you've wasted your money.

If you go from 48 to 256 like you apparently can do, you'll wonder what on earth has happened, you'll be zooming along so fast!!!!


  Ghloria 10:44 30 Jan 2003

Will extra ram increase my "resources" which I know nothing about but have been told I have a problem with.

  Gongoozler 11:00 30 Jan 2003

Ghloria, in most cases, additional RAM will improve your System Resources. You may still occasionally get a low resources problem due to the way Windows 98 handles its resources, but with my windows 98se computer and 128M RAM I haven't had a low resources report for years and I frequently have several windows open at a time. For a description of system resources (but a bit technical) have a look at this site. click here

  Gongoozler 11:08 30 Jan 2003

Ghloria, to be sure of getting the correct memory, go to the Crucial site click here and enter your computer details. If you don't know what your motherboard is, download and run Belarc Advisor click here. Don't go for the cheapest memory you can get. Crucial memory from their site is sent post free, is excellent quality and guaranteed to be compatible. Your computer probably uses PC100 DIMMS, 128M costs £22.31 including vat.

  Ghloria 11:16 30 Jan 2003

From the link.....Resource-guzzling applications?...
though there are still limits to this and you ultimately will need to reboot. (My reboot cycle on Win98 was about once every 5-6 days of normal use, and on Win ME about every 1-2 days of normal use.)......
What does this mean, is periodic rebooting a benefit..

  Gongoozler 15:13 30 Jan 2003

Ghloria, what I think this is referring to is that some applications (here Corel Draw 7 is one that I have personal experience of), have such poor memory management that after a few hours use they have tied up so much of the computer memory that the computer slows to a halt or crashes, and then the only way to regain control is to reboot the computer. With more memory I find that this is now much better and generally just shutting down the application gets the computer working properly again. Well written software will release the memory it has used when it is no longer needed, so all the computer resources are available for the next application.

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