Will a DVD recorded in UK play in USA (easily) ?

  KittyM 23:42 23 Jan 2005

I have just spent several hours making a DVD of some video footage I shot when American friends were visiting - if I send them a copy will they be able to play it?
I recorded it onto a DVD+R using Pinnacle Studio 8 SE in an NEC(3500?)drive that I got just before Xmas.
Will the difference between PAL & NTSC or the different region codes cause a problem?

  ACOLYTE 23:51 23 Jan 2005

Im not sure it will be coded as its a home made dvd as for the pal/ntsc a good tv or player should have the ability to switch between the modes.

  stlucia 13:45 24 Jan 2005

A home-burned DVD will have no region code, so that shouldn't be a problem.

As Acolyte says, a modern DVD player can probably cope with the PAL/NTSC difference. But I'm pretty sure (can't check -- I'm not at my own PC at the moment) that with some of my software (Pinnacle, Roxio, or Sonic MyDVD) I can specify to create a DVD in NTSC format. I can't remember if it was in the video rendering process, or in the burning process.

  KittyM 13:59 24 Jan 2005

Thanks for the replies - I was panicking slightly that having spent so long preparing the DVD that it would be unusable in USA - I couldn't see anything in the options bits of Studio about producing in either PAL or NTSC - I'll send it on and cross my fingers there DVD drives will cope - Thanks again

  stlucia 20:03 24 Jan 2005

MyDVD 5.1 (the burning software supplied with my Sony DVD burner) and Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 both have options to create NTSC or PAL video CDs and DVDs.

TMPGEnc (was free, but I think they charge now) -- a file conversion software -- also has NTSC in some of its drop-down configuration menus, but on my free copy they're greyed out so I don't know what they do. Perhaps they do a free trial period if you want to have a look.

  TBH1 22:22 24 Jan 2005

dvd shrink has option to create dvd region free - think it uses nero for this bit though.

  Salinger 22:28 24 Jan 2005

Region Free has no bearing on NTSC/PAL recording.

  TBH1 23:14 24 Jan 2005

Salinger - have I got the wrong end of the stick here ? I thought that if we (in the UK) had a region free dvd player, and bought a dvd from USA, it would play OK. If thats the case, I presumed the other way would work too - -- are we saying that there are 2 issues to worry about ? Am saying this as was about to send a dvd to Canada, and presuming their TV is the same as USA, I re-copied it to region-free - -have I wasted mt time ?

Not hijacking your thread KittyM - - -

  Chezdez 23:22 24 Jan 2005

well, even if it doesn't work in a DVD player, they'll still be able to access the files with a computer that has a DVD drive

  Salinger 23:46 24 Jan 2005

Not sure if I have confused you, probably have, NTSC is the North American standard PAL is the UK and some other European Countries' standard. Most newer VCRs and DVD players can convert NTSC signals into readable PAL signals. It is not the same in North America (very insular they are).

  TomJerry 00:46 25 Jan 2005

it is the TV that matter, not dvd player

It is almost imposisble to find any multi-format TV in USA because they do not know anything else. In the UK, some TV such as many Sony models can play NTSC or PAL.

So, it is better to produce in NTSC format, many video editing softwarte will do this.

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