will AGPx8 card work ok in AGPx4 slot

  wjrt 19:30 13 Aug 2004

currently using GForce Ti4200 128MB
would like to upgrade for improved graphics card (Doom 3) mobo has an AGPx4 slot so would an AGPx8
card work or are there likely problems

  Devil Monkey 19:35 13 Aug 2004

Most are backward compatible but check it out before making the purchase.

  citadel 19:39 13 Aug 2004

it will work at 4x,

  goonerbill © ® 22:19 13 Aug 2004

what graphics card are you thinking of upgrading too. you will find that your present card is just as powerful or better than most of the new budget/mid range cards available. the only reason to upgrade is to use dx9 at its full potential as your old g/card is not dx9 compatable.

heres link to see if its worth upgrading
click here

  wjrt 22:45 13 Aug 2004

have checked out on various sites and using athlon XP2100 and 512MB Ram the card to go for at about £200 would be new GForce FX6800 the basic one

  jamiebrk 05:06 14 Aug 2004

My computer takes a agp4x i just brought a 9600pro8x it will not work in my pentium 4 im now stuck with this looks as though ill have to buy a new board The new card is a radeon

  goonerbill © ® 07:32 14 Aug 2004

the fx6800 or the new fx6600 will be worthy upgrades to your old ti4200 but you will need to check that it will run on your mobo at x4 agp. as jamiebrk has pointed out his new radeon will not run on a 4x mobo but have not heard of geforce agp x8 fx graphics cards not running on mobo's at x4.

maybe someone else will be able to shed more light on the subject for you.

also it would be worth upgrading ya mobo, as it would be a waste of power running a 6800 at x4 rather than its proper x8 speed. can recommend the ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe. excellent mobo if you're into overclocking or not, packed with lots of features and can use all athlon xp CPU's.

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