Will an AGP 8x graphics card run in a 2x slot?

  nilescrane 17:25 21 Mar 2006

Hi..I've been Googling on this conundrum for many an hour without success! I wish to install an 8x AGP card on my comp, which will only take 2x. I have seen a card which will fit 8x, 4x, and 2x slots, but I'm wondering if that also means the voltage is accounted for, as I ubderstand that 8x requires 1.5v, but 2x needs 3.3v. Any advice will be savoured!

  ACOLYTE 17:28 21 Mar 2006

Depends on the mobo i should think,some will only run with X8 cards,and wont run at X2.

  ed-0 17:31 21 Mar 2006

Normally no, unless you have a universal AGP slot ( not divided ). It would be best to post the exact motherboard details and the same for the card.

  nilescrane 17:51 21 Mar 2006

My mobo is a Gigabyte 71XE4. The card I was looking at was a GEForce FX5500. Not sure of the manufacturer.

  ed-0 18:21 21 Mar 2006

The motherboard is definatley a 2X 3.3v slot. If the graphics card is like this click here the sparkle FX5500. Then yes it will fit and run. You can see that the graphics card has two slots. The first would be to fit a 4X + 8X motherboard. The second slot is for a 1X + 2X AGP board. It is also reported that the card is AGP 2.0, this will be your settings.

Make sure the card is very similar to the above and read the instructions very carfully before fitting.

  nilescrane 18:59 21 Mar 2006

Thanks ed. You say "It is also reported that the card is AGP 2.0, this will be your settings." but doesn't my mobo only support AGP 1.0?

  ed-0 20:04 21 Mar 2006

My mistake then:-(

I thought it was an AGP2.0 board, if it is just AGP 1.0 then it will not work, even with the 4X notch.

  ed-0 20:05 21 Mar 2006

That should say ;

with a 2X notch.

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