Will adding more memory give me any improvement

  FatboySlim71 10:29 12 Feb 2005

I use my PC a lot for writing big images,files etc to DVD and occasionally to CD.I currently have 512mb ram,would adding another 512mb give me any improvement like a faster backup for instance.Also my PC has dual channel function so is there much of an advantage installing 2x256mb as to installing 1x512mb memory module,as I have heard that it can be better to install 2x256mb when you have dual channel function.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:41 12 Feb 2005

How is the current 512 allocated? If 2 x 256 then doing the same again will see some improvement.

If currently 1 x 512, then another 512 will help.

But you will not see a major improvement - maybe slight at times.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:44 12 Feb 2005

That's not very clear.

Another 512 mb RAM will lead to marginal, real world improvements.

  FatboySlim71 11:01 12 Feb 2005

The memory in my PC at present is in the form of 2x256mb,my PC is dual channel and I have heard that it is better to use 2x256mb modules,rather than 1x512mb module.Would I see an improvement by adding another 512mb for the uses I have mentioned and will it be better to install 2x256mb or 1x512mb as my PC is dual channel.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:16 12 Feb 2005

Basically, no. In my opinion, there will be little noticeable improvement.

  wotbus@ 11:25 12 Feb 2005

Unable to agree with the posts, sorry guys. DVD authoring/rendering requires a lot of memory. I have been informed by this forum, XP itself requires around 200mb and this is true in my case [currently showing 178mb free out of 512!]. I was lucky enough to have 1gb for a day [512 above my normal] and the differece with preparing a DVD with a lot of images and music was enormous. I have to say YES, you will see a big difference. What memory you insert will depend on the best advice from your mobo manufacture/hand book and the number of slots available ;-)

  Diodorus Siculus 11:32 12 Feb 2005

wotbus@ - fair enough; as I read it, the question was about writing to DVD / CD rather than "DVD authoring/rendering". If the latter, then certainly an improvement will be seen with more memory. Sorry to add confusion... :-)

  dan11 11:40 12 Feb 2005

You don't say what operating system you are using, if it's not XP or 2000, forget it. Any more than 512Mb for 98 or ME will make the machine slower.

If it is XP, then

I agree with wotbus@.

I was running 512Mb on the main machine. I do a lot with Adobe photoshop 6.0 and burn a lot of DVD's. The machine coped very well.

I installed another 512Mb of ram and tweaked the page file. The results were amazing. DVD rendering was much faster. Photo shop could open multiple images, almost instantaneous. Everything seemed to snap open quickly.

As for the duel channel board, then yes, get 2 x 256Mb rather than the one 512Mb dimm. The 512Mb dimm may not work as it looks as if you have duel channel memory already running. The 2 x 256Mb dimms should sinc quiet well with the other two. Try to get the same make and model of memory that you already have installed.

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