will 9800pro stand the test of time???????

  sPaNieL*WilL^KiLl 16:17 16 Mar 2004


Got a radeon 9500 at the moment but want to upgrade. My system is AMD athlonXP 2600+, radeon 9500, 512mb DDR333, win XP pro.

If i go for the sapphire radeon 9800pro click here at £163 will it last?

I want to play the latest and greatest games incl. Half life 2 and Doom 3, but also the games ahead of these. Will the 9800pro allow me to do this or shall i save up a couple of months to buy the 9800XT?

any thoughts would be great.......

  duckers 16:23 16 Mar 2004

No hardware will ever stand "the test of time" the difference between teh 9800 pro and XT is minimal and not worth the extra cash,, I bought a sapphire 9800 pro from overclockers for £160 a month or so ago, its goood but not that good, it certainly aint gonna give blistering frame rates on D3 or HL2,,,, howevre its gonna be the most reasonable price/perfomance compromise your gonna get in a while.
the 9800 card is getting on a bit now and the recent drop in price shows that, the next 6 months will probably bring a new card but theres life left in this old girl yet,, my oppinion? if your current card is running stuff slow and has choppy frame rates get one, if not wait as long as you can before buying a gfx card.

  chriscars1 16:51 16 Mar 2004

Have you thought about a 9800se all in wonder, there is a sight that sell these with all 8 pipelines active and 2.8ns samsung memory, if you use the omega drivers these are suppose to clock to xt speeds. Could be worth a look in to

  gingepaul 17:37 16 Mar 2004

you should certainly see a difference from a 9500, but like duckers said, it aint gonna blow your mind, just better frames, but if your anything like me you'll go and turn your settings up, aa, and af on or up cos you should be able to right, and bingo, no more fps, just nicer picture.

wait if you can, always sommat else coming and the 9700/9800 series should be super seeded very soon ( i think the wait is for the changeover of the technology, smaller proccesses )

  gingepaul 17:40 16 Mar 2004

btw a dont know how true but i heard HL2 is looking like a september 04 release cos of the knicked code. and doom 3 is "when its done", so better off waitin m8, save and get the kick ass card then.

  sPaNieL*WilL^KiLl 16:03 17 Mar 2004

right thanks all, i think ill take your advice and wait until either one of the BIG games come out......i can play far cry @ 800x640 with no slowdown but no anti aliasing or filtering. If i do decide to go for the 9800pro will i be able to play 1024x768 with anti aliasing and filtering enabled? Could you also tell me how a 9800pro is likely to run half life 2?

Finally, on the videos of half life 2 what graphics card would they be using? because if its a 9800XT (which are only a bit better than pro) wouldn't i be able to play it near enough like that?

  Rigga 16:18 17 Mar 2004

I've got a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro AIW, and run Far Cry demo, at 1024x768 with high detail on all settings very well.. However I have found that if I turn on anti Aliasing, the whole game crashes.. so can't comment on frame rates with AA on.


  sPaNieL*WilL^KiLl 16:25 17 Mar 2004

thanks i can only run it on medium detail so i might actually get one....a higher screen resolution and high details should make for a much nicer game. Any other thoughts would be great.

  woodchip 16:33 17 Mar 2004

Glad you found what the problem was. It's also helped me Se my post click here

  woodchip 16:34 17 Mar 2004

Sorry wrong thread

  sPaNieL*WilL^KiLl 21:31 17 Mar 2004

thats what is so good about these forums...most problems are answered by somebody else.

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